Ma Amour


I’m a random girl with a crazy life and a brain that rarely shuts down. I need things in my life that are not only easy to do, but worth my time and attention (which is rather limited!). Below are the few things that as of late have done all of the above, so I’m giving each some Ma Amour (Mom Love)!

Sheet Pan Meals – How is it I’m just discovering this deliciously easy way of cooking an entire meal on one cookie sheet? This is a mother’s dream come true! I discovered sheet pan meals a few weeks ago and I’m hooked. I walk in the door, throw a bag of prepared ingredients on a cookie sheet, place it in the oven and relax with my kiddos until our entire – kid approved! – meal is ready in an hour or less. Ma Amour!!!

Sheet pan chicken and veggies

Star vs. the Forces of Evil – With kids, watching cartoons could be an Olympic event. So I love when find a show I don’t mind watching a billion times. I admit that I regress to a 14 year old girl when I watch this show. I don’t just adore this cartoon and its heroine, I want to be Star Butterfly, a magical princess from another dimension. She’s unapologetic in her quirkiness, naively and boldly loves all creatures – except monsters – and exudes strength and positivity without being sassy. And it doesn’t hurt that she’s got a magic wand and cool friends (Floating Princess Pony Head!). You know you love her already.
Star and Floating Princess Pony Head

The Wet Brush As Seen on TV products usually only get a cursory glance and a chuckle as I flip channels, but this item was actually purchased (on Amazon). After our hairstylist raved about its amazing detangling ability, I purchased it for my four year old daughter who has long straight hair that is prone to tangles. I used  to threaten to cut off all her hair if she didn’t sit and let me brush it, but now she brushes her own hair. Smooth.

A Wet Brush Rainbow

The 21 day Fix – I love this health and fitness program so much I became a Beachbody coach! It has changed my body, my mindset and my life. With two toddlers and a full time job I needed something that was quick, effective and wouldn’t bore me. The Fix offers seven 30 minutes workouts – Pilates, cardio, upper body, lower body, Yoga, etc. – and a portion controlled clean eating plan, plus free coaching and accountability groups. This is not a diet or even a quick fix. The first 21 days “fix” your bad habits and create a healthy, balanced new lifestyle that is relatively easy to live. In fact, it is so easy my entire family follows it. I don’t want to be a bikini model or obsess about my body and what I eat. Thanks to the Fix I’m healthier, toner and happier than when I ran marathons. Go get your fix!

The 21 day Fix program.See more of my Ma Amour (Mom Loves) here!



  1. Another excellent read! I always look forward to reading your blogs. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and providing useful tips to make moms’ lives easier! You rock!


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