Master Of Social Work Degree and The Jobs You Can Gain To Help People


    Being a mom isn’t an easy job. You have to wear different hats all at once to ensure the wellbeing of your entire family. When you’re a mother, you’re also playing the role of a guidance counselor, caretaker and usually, the breadwinner, too. You have to fulfill all of these roles effectively or else, your family and your entire household will be chaotic. If you’re a mom who believes that you can still handle additional work outside of the house, a master of social work degree might work well for you. This is a professional degree which specializes in different aspects of social work practice.

    Unlike Bachelor of Social Work, a master of social work degree focuses more on social work practices which are applicable in the community, hospitals, and other related fields. This type of working environment is similar to the role you play as a mother. To give you a better idea of how advantageous a Master of Social Work degree is, here are just some of the jobs you can get with it:


    1. Medical Social Worker

    There will be instances when you have to take care of your sick partner or child. During this time, you’ll have to pay attention to their condition, attend to their every need, and ensure that they recover as soon as possible. Once you’ve successfully earned a master of social work degree from a good school such as Rutgers University, you’ll be able to work as a medical social worker, and you’ll have a similar routine at work. Professionally, a medical social worker provides support to patients who have chronic illnesses. A medical social worker also extends help to the family of the patient, ensuring that they’re able to receive proper care, foster communication with each other, and be guided in the decision-making process. In short, a medical social worker helps improve the lives of their patients and their families.

    2. Substance Abuse Counselor

    Parents would never want their children to be exposed to negative influences such as drugs and alcohol. As much as possible, you want your children to grow up healthy and take the best path in life. This is just one of the reasons why you’ll be qualified to work as a substance abuse counselor. With a master of social work degree, you won’t only provide guidance to your family, but you can also help other people who are outside of your social circle. Once you’re able to earn the degree successfully, you’ll have the chance to help individuals who are dependent on drugs and help them recover. Treating addiction is a long-term and challenging process, making the job of a substance abuse counselor rewarding and fulfilling.

    3. Child Welfare Case Worker

    You feel for your children. You are always concerned about how they feel and what they want. As a parent, you would never want them to suffer in any way. Along with a master in social work degree, your compassion as a parent is essential when you work as a child welfare case worker. Once you work as one, you’ll provide professional services to children who are either abused or neglected by their own families. You’ll also have to investigate a wide variety of child abuse cases and visit the child’s home frequently, as well.

    4. School Social Worker

    Education is essential in every child’s life. This is a powerful platform for your children to gain knowledge which they can use throughout their lives. You understand this notion when you’re a parent. If you want to bridge the gap between education and a child, a career as a school social worker is a perfect fit for you. As a school social worker, you are expected to provide resources for the educational needs of specific communities and students. More often than not, you’ll also work as a guidance counselor for students with disabilities and special needs.   

    5. You’ll Reap What You Sow

    Social work is one of the most rewarding professions in the world as it allows you to make a difference in your life and the life of others. By earning a master of social work degree, you’ll be able to help other people professionally. And although a master of social work degree only takes two years to accomplish, you’ll be surprised by the number of opportunities available to you afterwards. You’ll be exposed to training and skills, which can improve your capability as an important asset in the community and as a mother to your family!  


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