Will you be staying in tonight for Cinco de Mayo? You can still spice up your menu with our Mexican Albondigas! (Meatballs!)

2 lbs. of ground beef
2 eggs, beaten
Minced onion, about 1 cup
1 tbsp minced garlic
Plain bread crumbs, about 2 cups
1 tbsp yellow mustard
Salt, pepper ( a teaspoon each or to your taste)
1 small can of chipotle jalapeno peppers (they’re like bbq jalapenos—they’re in a can in the ethnic food section and they have a brownish-red sauce on them), diced, don’t drain the sauce. You will have to dice these yourself because they come as whole jalapenos. You can do this with 2 cans of chipotles if you like very spicy sauce.
1 can of any brand tomato juice (the large can, or you could use a lg. bottle of V-8).
1 jar of jumbo green olives, pitted (you can use a stuffed one if you like those; you’ll need about 40 olives).

1. Mix the raw ground beef, minced onion, minced garlic, eggs, mustard, bread crumbs, salt, and pepper together in a large mixing bowl. Make sure it is mixed well together like any other meatball you would make.
2. Meanwhile, on the stove, put the tomato juice and the diced chipotle jalapenos and the sauce they come in into a big pot and let it start to boil.
3. Form the meatballs around a jumbo olive so one olive is on the inside of each meatball. You will have about 40 meatballs when all are made.
4. Drop the uncooked, formed meatballs into the boiling tomato/chipotle sauce and cook the meatballs until they are completely cooked through.
5. Serve over white rice and with an icy margarita!


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