Mom on the Brink!


I came across an article last week titled “On the Brink: Many Working Moms Falling Apart.”  I froze and said “OMG! That’s me!”  I read the whole article — something I don’t usually have time for and forwarded it to every working mom I know.  One of my mommy friends and I emailed back forth the entire day about our “on the brink” feelings, I cried half the day in my semi-private office and day dreamed of the first alcoholic beverage I will have once baby #2 is born…only 12 more weeks!

stressWhy am I, and so many other mommies on the brink?  Well, as you will learn about me, I am a “full-time” everything — wife to an amazing hubby, mommy to a spirited 1-year-old and baby #2 due in December, a full-time professional at a demanding job, housekeeper, cook (which I truly love doing by the way and actually look forward to!), dog walker and I’m sure a few other things I am forgetting now.  Oh, and I am taking a nursing pre-req course at a local community college two nights a week…because I didn’t have enough to fill my day!

I know, I know…I hear the violins, too. We all have our stresses and “on the brink” moments — no matter if we are full-time mommy, professional, adult care giver, student or all of the above.

So what do we do?  Well…for me…I’ve learned to just embrace it and love it!  I love the semi-controlled chaos, the large casserole I cook on Sunday to feed us for three days, the fridge full of stacked containers with my 1-year-old’s food for the week, the piles of unsorted laundry conveniently hidden behind the laundry room door, the whiteboard calendar we live by and most of all…I love my husband and my kiddos more than anything.

When I feel myself on the brink…I take a deep breath, give thanks for my hubby, my baby and our one on the way.  I try to forgive myself for all my shortcomings and realize that I’m really doing my best, even if my best is closing the laundry room door for another day!

With my imaginary, 12-week-from-being-reality-alcoholic beverage, I toast every full-time mom, professional, student and full-time care giver of any kind.  When you find yourself on your own brink, count your blessings, take a deep breath and remember — this one is for you!




  1. Vanessa, Your article was all so familiar.

    If possible get someone to clean your house. Wish I had when my kids were little! I had a friend who rather than have someone clean her house she took her laundry out. Either one does nothing to take away from the important things in life with your family and either one would free up more of your time than you realize!


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