Moving a Family From NYC to Orlando Florida


Despite the anxiety that you may be feeling about your move, packing up your things from NYC to Florida is a good decision. Florida is more than just the sunny, theme park state, home to Orlando. There’s so much for you to do as a family, and it’s literally like going to be living in paradise. Naturally, your biggest adjustment is saying goodbye to the cold winter months, and saying hello to sunshine for most of the year. But then again for the many, this is a much-welcomed recourse.

As a mom, when you’re moving, you know that much of the work and effort is dependent on you. There’s so much for you to do and prepare to ensure that that family arrives in Florida with all your belongings and in the most comfortable state as possible. 

Are you ready for the sunny welcome to Florida? These tips can help make the move from NYC to Florida easier for you:

1. Be Ready For Great Weather

If your family’s NYC wardrobe was predominantly composed of outfits made for the freezing winter months, you might want to think about whether or not you’ll want to bring these to Florida. Especially those of your children, when you know that they’ll grow out of those clothes and gear that they won’t even get to use regularly. Unless, of course, you’re certain that you’re going on a holiday soon to a winter place. That way, you don’t have to go back to scratch buying winter clothes.

But, if the situation mentioned above isn’t the case, then you might want to leave behind your winter clothes. As you pack your things, it’s worth considering selling, donating or giving away the clothes made for the cold months. This, you’re sure not to use in Florida. You’ll have to make room for clothes suited for the warm season, sandals, tank tops, shorts, and whatnot.

From one mom to another, here’s a quick Orlando mom guide that you can also read through regarding climate, activities, schools and other matters that you may want to know about your move to Florida.

2. Be Prepared To Own A Vehicle

Moving a Family From NYC to Orlando FloridaIf you’ve previously survived in New York by taking the public transportation regularly, in Florida, the most preferred way to travel around is through owning your own vehicle. But, before you get too indulged and stressed about this, this isn’t to say that you’re in for a big financial responsibility. In Florida, it’s easier and more affordable to own a car because the cost of living is also lower. You’ll be paying less for rent, utilities, and even your taxes. So, this gives you more financial freedom to pursue other projects for the family, like car ownership. If you’re a stay-at-home mom with three young kids to bring along all the time, this may even be good news for you.

3. Adjust To Beach Activities

Moving a Family From NYC to Orlando FloridaMany of the common family activities around Florida are centered on sandy beaches. Naturally so as Florida is abundant with beaches, wherever you are. Even when you’re inland. If this is something that your kids aren’t used to in New York, then this is a big change of adjustment. City-living is a little bit more subdued, and your kids will have to learn to love the beach.

4. Sign Up With The DMV Website ASAP

The DMV website is one of the things that you have to complete as soon as possible. This can help make your transfer as a resident in Florida easier. Florida is a driving state, so naturally, you’ll be doing a lot of this. If you’re bringing in your car from New York, you’ll need to wait at least thirty days for you to establish your residency. After this, you can then transfer your license, title and car registration from New York to Florida DMV.

Here are some other pertinent information that you have to update ASAP:

  • Change your address in all your legal documents
  • Send your old license plates back to New York
  • Register to vote in Florida
  • Update your organ donor status

5. Be Prepared For The Cost Of Moving Itself

The cost of moving interstate from New York to Florida can run anywhere between 3,000 to 6,000 US dollars. On average, however, the amount is always within 3,000 to 3,500 US dollars. Of course, this value is not representative of everybody. This can differ from one family to another, depending on factors such as additional services taken for help with packing, unpacking and even the number of things move.

To help you, contact one of the trusted services, like this company, for a sample quote related to your move.

As a bonus tip, because you’re a busy mom, it might be worth taking in the extra service of help from the movers with packing and unpacking your things. That way, the move, and transition can be easier for everyone in the family. To save on the costs, it’s on the number of things that you bring in that you can adjust. Shopping in Florida can be cheaper than in New York, so if there are items that you can just buy there instead, then it might be worth going that way.


When you and your family are tried and seasoned New Yorkers, it may seem like a very anxious move to have to go to Florida. But, once you get it all over with, you’re going to realize that moving to Florida is, in fact, one of the best decisions that you can make for your family. From a more laid back lifestyle to a little bit more fun, sun and relaxation, there’s so much for your family also to look forward to being in Orlando, Florida. These tips can help ease out the process for you too.



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