Oh No—Lice! Your Best Bet for Natural Head Lice Treatment

We teamed up with Fresh Heads to give you this sponsored content. The stories and opinions are 100% true and our own. We wanted to give you a truly authentic experience, so we reached out to team members who have had to struggle with lice and treatment options. Here's Elaine's story.

I looked around the house with a sigh of exhaustion. Piles of bed linens still waiting to be washed. Stuffed animals quarantined in trash bags. It seemed like it would never be over, and then I remembered: I still had to actually treat her head. And to think, it all started with one little itch. 

Since she wasn’t in school yet and didn’t attend daycare, the idea that head lice would strike our kids wasn’t even on our radar. “She’s been really itchy recently, maybe she needs to switch to a different shampoo,” was the first thought. But no. At first we couldn’t see them, but under a bright light with a coloring book to keep her still, we saw it: a nit. A lice egg. On my sweet three year old! Ew.

natural head lice removal

I immediately searched for every tip, hack, and advice the internet could give me. After stripping her bed, our bed, our couch, and everything else not nailed down, I set out to attack the source and treat her head. I searched for toxin-free solutions, home remedies, and crunchy mom advice. I tried tea tree oil, mayonnaise, and apple cider vinegar. I promised her a donut—two donuts! A pony! Just please stay still!—and combed her long, fine hair with the teeny tiny comb. She smelled like a very clean salad, but I still found eggs. Ugh

After searching for another option proved fruitless, I relented. I set out for the drug store (the second closest…) and slunk over to the pesticide-filled head lice treatment kits. In my searching I found that these toxin-filled concoctions might not even work because many head lice have become pesticide resistant! Out of options, I compared ingredients and settled on the pesticides with the least amount of negative evidence. I followed the directions, begged some more, bribed some more, and combed her hair with the tiny comb for days. The lice shampoo had dried out her poor hair, and both of us were tired of what had become our daily ritual. The nightmare was finally over after days of living in exhaustion. 

A Guaranteed Fresh Head in Orlando

If only I knew then what I know now, and if only there had been a Fresh Heads here in Orlando offering their natural head lice removal when I needed them! Fresh Heads is dedicated to giving their clients fast, safe, and effective natural head lice treatment so you can return to your life. Their innovative methods and detailed processes ensure your family members will be lice free, and that is guaranteed for 45 days!  

Getting rid of lice can be time consuming, expensive, toxic, and honestly just plain gross. Fresh Heads offers multiple services for natural head lice treatment, including a traditional comb out service and the innovative AirAllé technology. The AirAllé machine is a FDA-cleared heated-air medical device that immediately dehydrates and kills lice and their eggs—no pain, no toxins, and in about an hour of total treatment time. 

Photo from the Fresh Heads website

Fresh Heads History

Mandy Ottesen founded Fresh Heads in 2012 to provide Jacksonville with an efficient and convenient natural lice removal treatment clinic. As the mother of two young boys, Mandy knew how exhausting treating head lice on your own could be. She envisioned a friendly and knowledgeable atmosphere where parents could bring their worries and leave with a lice-free guarantee. Fresh Heads also operates into Georgia and Orlando, bringing their professional and natural head lice treatment to us in Central Florida! 

Here’s How It Works

Fresh Heads has their method down to a science, and their website is filled with helpful information. Here is what you can expect when you go to them for a professional natural head lice treatment:

  1. A Fresh Heads technician will thoroughly check your hair. If evidence of lice is found, they will help you choose a treatment option.
  2. Depending on the option you choose you’ll spend 1 to 2 hours at Fresh Heads for treatment.
  3. Once every member of the household has been checked for head lice and treated (if needed), they will share helpful home cleaning tips and advice for avoiding reinfestation.  

Although I hope I never have to, if I find head lice in our home again there is no doubt we will be taking a family trip to Fresh Heads. Their experience, knowledge and that wonderful lice-free guarantee simply can’t be beat when it comes to something as persistent as head lice. Check out their Facebook page to see their tips and specials, and remember them if you find yourself overwhelmed in the fight against lice! 



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