In a recent Forbes Health survey, over 60 percent of women felt pressured to set a New Year’s resolution. They listed improving fitness, finances, and mental health as their top priorities for 2024. They indicated that establishing new habits in these areas would positively impact their overall happiness. So, why do so many adults quit? Only nine percent of us are estimated to stick with our New Year’s resolutions.

Fun Fact: The second Friday of January is Quitter’s Day in America.

As mothers, some days it can feel nearly impossible to add anything more to our long list of reminders and to-dos. But I promise, if you can commit to keeping small promises to yourself, you’ll begin seeing significant results. You’ll soon start building your confidence and be on the way to reaching your goals.

woman with money on her face, staring at the computer. Thinking about new year's resolutionsResolutions & the rule of three

Our brains naturally gravitate towards comfort and repetition. Remembering sets of three is easier because it feels whole to us. Rather than making drastic changes, a more straightforward approach may help you become more successful. Choose an area (or three) to improve. Then, determine one action step in each category per day. (Side note: If three categories seem overwhelming, start with one!)

For example, I’ve committed to improving my physical, mental, and spiritual health this year. Then, I make a list of action items for each category and commit to taking one action step per day.

My routines look similar to this: 

Physical Health: Choose an active activity that brings me joy and promises to do something daily. Don’t think of this as an obligation; it is just movement because your body is strong and capable. I like to walk, lift weights, workout with my daughter, and play tennis. I then schedule a few minutes per day for these activities. 

Tip: If you have just one accountability partner or, even better, a supportive community, you’d be more likely to succeed!

blank journal with pen and another journal with a list of new year's resolutionsMental health: I enjoy learning new things, so I make an effort to read a few pages of a book or learn one new word per day. I also enjoy journaling and music, so I incorporate at least one of these action items into my day each day.

Tip: People with something to look forward to are happier. Book your summer trip now, and you’ll feel joy leading up to it. Positive anticipation can give you hope!

Spiritual: I feel more peaceful when I feel connected to my purpose. I take time a few minutes per day to journal, pray, and meditate. I also enjoy sitting still to reflect and practice yoga. Connecting with my family and friends also helps me to improve my spiritual life.

Tip: Ten minutes outdoors or sitting still can help you feel reenergized and more grounded in your surroundings!

Everyone’s areas of improvement are different, and that’s okay. Daily intentionality and consistency allow you to create the life you want most for yourself. Small wins per day can lead to a better new year. I am cheering for you!


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