OMB Nuclear Cowboyz Review!


I had the privilege of sitting in the Amway Center “Tweet Suite” last night on behalf of Orlando Moms Blog, to get you guys a mom’s eye view of the Nuclear Cowboyz show. Their last show is TODAY at 2 pm, so you need to read fast, buy tickets and get over there! If your kids like Kung Fu, pyrotechnics or anything with wheels, they will love this show. If they enjoy the X Games, they’ll go bananas. This show is jam packed with extreme motocross stunts, coupled with a storyline, some kung fu warriors, and a whole lot of fire. I gave up trying to catch a decent action shot after the 57th try. Their website has far better pictures than I can provide. I assure you that the mental images of these tricks will stick with you for a long while!

The music and pyro effects are really loud. My daughter opted for ear plugs in the second half. But other times – like when the Shaolin warriors were breaking boards and such – you could literally hear a pin drop in that arena. I’ve never been so impressed by dynamics in a show. And the things these guys can break over their heads will astound you. Seriously. And – spoiler alert! – they set a guy on fire. FIRE, I tell you!

Nuclear Cowboyz!
Nuclear Cowboyz!

My 8 year old son got really into the story line. The evil queen is capturing all the Coyboyz! My tween daughter went only under protest, crossed arms and surly pout firmly in place, because we were “making” her be entertained by motorcycles. But before intermission, she leaned over and said, “Don’t tell the boys, but I really like it.” She tried to keep on the scowl and nonchalant air, but in the end she was leaning forward with rapt attention. There was a tot in the suite with us, maybe age 2 or 3. That little guy couldn’t get enough. So even the littles can enjoy it, as long as they can tolerate the noise level.

And here’s the thing…I’m a screamer. I can’t help it. If you can’t stand my whoops and screeches over death defying stunts & explosions, we can’t be friends. Be prepared to jump at the sudden pop of a firework, and to gasp and clutch your chest dramatically when the guy is 40 feet in the hair, hanging upside town and inside out UNDERNEATH his dirt bike.

I really do encourage you to pick up some tickets and claim that mom-of-the-year crown for taking your family out for an unexpected and unforgettable afternoon. Tickets can be purchase at or at the Amway box office. Seats are currently in ample supply at all price points. You can check out some sneak peeks of the show & power packed cast at Scope out the autograph table on the 3rd floor concourse early in the evening. By the time we found it after the show, the line was wrapped more than halfway around the perimeter of the arena. Better preparation would have secured us a better chance of making that happen. The doors open 90 minutes early, but if you have reserved seats you can cut it much closer that that, as there is no pre-show entertainment. They just get straight to the crazy. Crazy good. Enjoy!



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