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On January 18th, we celebrated our 2nd annual Favorite Things Party for our team of contributors…and it was amazing!

We have 25 gals on our team {and they are gems} so we are always trying to spoil them, find ways to introduce amazing products, and watch them gush over these “Favorite Things!” Then (as if they need any prompting), the Orlando Moms Blog Contributors share these products with YOU, the OMB reader. If you didn’t get a chance to check out all of these Favorite Things during the Facebook Live portion of our event, no worries! We have them all listed below!

The event was held at the Orlando Science Center, under the starlit night on their terrace which overlooked the Orlando skyline. IT. WAS. GORGEOUS!

The twinkling lights, yummy small bites and the soft tunes set the atmosphere for mingling and laughing. I mean… every gal loves a good party! And besides, we were excited to get together after a much-too-long hiatus of get togethers! Conversations were plentiful as we visited with OMB contributors new and old. Then, as if anyone needed prompting… selfies, Snapchats and food pics posts began to hit the social media world as the spoiling began!

And then, the Favorite Things portion of our evening began! One-by-one, we revealed each item!

Drink B4

B4 is a non-caffeinated, lightly carbonated beverage that helps shield your body against the aftereffects of drinking alcohol. Unlike its competitors, B4 contains the highest level of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and plant extracts to provide your body with the resources it needs to break down the toxins created from alcohol consumption.

Created by John Mansour, a licensed pharmacist, and Dave Larue, a wine and spirits expert, B4 is the perfect tool to help you celebrate tonight and feel better tomorrow.

Be sure to check out B4 on their social profiles and show some love
Website: www.drinkb4.com
Facebook: DrinkB4 | Twitter: @drinkB4 | Instagram: drinkb4 

Whole Foods

Here’s a little something sweet to smell and savor from Whole FoodsMarket. A bar of Whole Foods Market Dark Chocolate & naturally scented Soy Wax candles. These are some of the extra treats you can find in their new location in Winter Park. Whole Foods is also excited to announce personal shopping and delivery through Instacart in now available at all three Orlando stores.Visit www.delivery.wholefoodsmarket.com.

Be sure to check out Whole Foods Market on their social profiles and show some love

Instagram: @wholefoodsforlando | Facebook: Whole Foods Market | Twitter: @wholefoods #WFMOrlando

 Bug Soother from Simply Soothing

Bug Soother is an all natural, DEET-Free insect repellent that is safe on you, your kids & pets. Made with natural ingredients like lemon and vanilla, Bug Soother Smells Great. Feels Great. Repels Great.

Simply Soothing’s highly scented air fresheners are attractive, long lasting, and resistant to temperature extremes. Great in your car, locker, trash can, bathroom, or just about anywhere you need a great scent. These will last for months!

Be sure to check out Bug Soother on their social profiles and show some love

Facebook : BugSoother | Twitter : BugSoother | Instagram : bugsoother

Kayla & Eli Discover Jazz
books from Searl Studio Kids

Journey through time and discover the history of Jazz through the adventures of Kayla and Eli.

While spending a day at the park with their mom, Kayla and her little brother Eli hear Jazz music for the first time. Intrigued by the music, they dash toward the band for a closer look and encounter a mysterious person who takes them on a magical tour through time to discover Jazz for themselves.

Fun fact! OMB fans will receive an exclusive coupon code for autographed books with FREE shipping. The code is FAVORITETHINGS2017 and will be valid through March 2017. Also, visit their website and you can download a free book narration and hear music associated with the book. When your child is learning about Jazz music they can hear what the music sounds like through the different eras!

Be sure to check out Searl Studio Kids on their social profiles and show some love

Facebook : searlstudiokids | Pinterest : searlstudiokids | Website www.searlstudiokids.com

Fresh Wave

Everybody has bad smells in their life. From the bathroom, kitchen and diaper pail to sports equipment and the car, not-so-nice smells are a not-so-wonderful fact of life. But here’s another fact. You don’t need harsh chemicals or heavily perfumed air fresheners to get rid of the stink. Not when you’ve got Fresh Wave.

Fresh Wave® natural odor removing products use simple, pure and natural ingredients — water and natural extracts of lime, pine needle, aniseed, clove and cedarwood — to get rid of organic and inorganic odors. As in gone. Adios. Goodbye. Rather than covering up odors with perfumes and chemicals, our products actually make the odor molecules disappear. So when we say that odor is outta here…we’re not kidding.

Be sure to check out Fresh Wave on their social profiles and show some love

Facebook: freshwave | Instagram: @freshwaveworks | Twitter: @fresh_wave
Website: www.freshwaveworks.com


As a mother, culinary school graduate, and private chef, Tammy Cohen was faced with the constant challenge of feeding her clients who were finicky eaters, unaccustomed to incorporating wholesome and natural ingredients without compromising flavor in a well balanced diet. Impassioned to share her love of food and nutrition, she was confident that she could educate her clients about making smart choices when it came to eating. Devoted to her passion of good nutrition and bringing healthy snacking alternatives to families everywhere, Tammy founded Cooggies Gluten-Free Baking Mixes bringing back the old rich flavors that our pallets crave. These baking mixes are not only Gluten-Free, but use all natural ingredients, dairy free, grain free, vegan, include a hidden super food, and are certified Non-gmo and Kosher. To see retailers that carry Cooggies, visit their website at cooggies.com/where-to-buy/

Be sure to check out Cooggies on their social profiles and show some love  
Website: cooggies.com
Facebook: Cooggies | Instagram: cooggies | Twitter: Cooggies

BubbleBum USA 

Award-winning BubbleBum is the original, inflatable car booster seat for kids aged 4-11 years, weighing 40-100 lbs. Weighing in at less than one pound, BubbleBum can inflate and deflate in seconds, making it simple to throw in a backpack or large purse. BubbleBum’s design allows for fitting three across the back seat of a car, minivan, or SUV. It is the perfect travel companion for every day carpooling, road trips, vacations, cab or Uber rides, fly-ins with car rental, and more. It’s clever design is comfortable for kids to ride on and the “boost” created in its inflated state adds an additional element of safety in the event of an accident, helping to prevent abdominal injury. Kids also love the stylish black and pink chevron designs! BubbleBum helps ensure that EVERY child has a safe booster seat on EVERY ride. Retails for $29.99.

Be sure to check out BubbleBum on their social profiles and show some love

Website: www.bubblebum.us
Facebook: BubbleBumUSLLC | Twitter: bubblebumusa | Pinterest: bubblebumusa
Instagram: bubblebumusa


Created to take the worry out of feeding your little one’s growing appetite, NurturMe Power Blend Purees combine exotic tropical fruits like mango, guava and pineapple with nutrient-rich veggies and ancient grains that are packed with easily digestible protein. These tummy friendly pouch are free from common allergens that can upset sensitive little bellies, including gluten*, dairy, soy and egg. As nutritious as they are delicious, all eight flavorful combos were designed to introduce exciting new flavors to your little one’s palate while delivering the essential vitamins and minerals they need to grow big and strong. Now that’s what we call super!

Be sure to check out NurturMe on their social profiles and show some love

Facebook – nurturme | Instagram – NurturMe | Twitter – NurturMe


Our Lularoe consultant is Gabby Paris! You can follow her and join her group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/Gabbyparis/

WE LOVE LULAROE! Have you tried them?

Wearing Lularoe to me is about feeling confident! No struggling to find outfits that fit. With sizes ranging from 0 to 26 with amazing styles/designs we have something for everyone. Our leggings are known as the softest in the industry. Try them you wont ever put on jeans again! Look great and feel great!
You can follow Gabby and join her group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/Gabbyparis/

Promise Prenatal Vitamins

Promise Prenatal offers uniquely formulated nutrition and products for every stage of pregnancy. By providing fertility vitamins that actually work, the perfect nutrients for pregnancy and helping you ensure you are giving your baby the very best breastfeeding vitamins, we believe that the right nutrition is the best gift you can give yourself and your baby. Whether you’re a first time mom or supermom, let us take care of you while you take care of everyone else.

Be sure to check out Promise Prenatal on their social profiles and show some love

Facebook – promiseprenatal | Twitter – PromisePrenatal | website: promisepregnancy.com

AlliBead Creations

AlliBead Creations specializes in custom beaded jewelry (Necklaces & Bracelets) for toddlers & up. Made 2 Match Holiday/Sports/Newborn Keepsakes/Key Chains

“I created a children’s jewelry line out of need of my then two-year-old loving everything that is mine! My little one would end up breaking all my jewelry because she wanted to be just like mommy. My jewelry is made with stretch cord and magnetic clasps so it is easy to get on & off your little one. I love to make custom Made 2 Match pieces for that special occasion!”

Be sure to check out AlliBead on their social profiles and show some love

Facebook – AlliBeadCreations

Cake Face Soaping

Perfect for oily complexions and unevenly toned skin. This facial wash is chock-full with such great pore shrinking vegan materials, you’ll be wondering if you even have pores anymore! Not only that, but you may notice dark spots disappearing with regular use. Better buy your friends some shades so you don’t blind them with your new glow, or buy them a bottle so you can glow in numbers!

Splash warm water onto skin then pour desired amount of facial wash onto fingertips and massage onto skin, rubbing in small circular motions for best results. Finish with a Cake Face moisturizer.

Be sure to check out Cake Face Soaping on their social profiles and show some love

Instagram @Kelsey_CakeFace | Facebook: Cake Face Soaping | Twitter: @Kelsey_CakeFace

Kallie & Co.

Kallie & Co., is a Not-Just-For-Profit-Company; their mission is to to provide trendy and cruelty-free products that never sacrifice style. At Kallie & Co., they take pride in giving back to their community. Their efforts have reached wounded veterans from the Semper Fi Fund, women victims of human trafficking, women veterans in need, homeless teenage mothers, women in need in Nigeria & Uganda, Africa.

Be sure to check out Kallie & Co. on their social profiles and show some love

Link: www.kallieusa.com
Instagram.com/kallieusa | Twitter.com/kallieusa | Facebook.com/kallieusa

Hard Exercise Works

We plan every workout-of-the-day (WOD) from 30-plus years of experience in exercise design. Each day, you’ll experience a completely new routine. Our exercise modality sequence constantly confuses your body so that you consistently make changes. No more having to think about what “routine” you’re going to do when driving to the gym! Our metabolically potent cocktail of tire flips, rope climbs, pull ups, kettlebell swings, sled drags, clean & jerks are just a few of thousands of exercises you’ll do at HEW. You’ll never experience the same workout twice, which provides you with endless potential to change your physique!

Be sure to check out Hard Exercise Works on their social profiles and show some love
Facebook Hard Exercise Works | Twitter – hardexercise | IG: @heworlando

Moderne Momma ac+i Boutique

Moderne Momma, a Chloe + Isabel Boutique is an on trend jewelry and accessories boutique that supports the Diaper Bank of Central FL with every purchase. Every item is backed by a lifetime guarantee and every purchase helps to offset the operating costs of the Diaper Bank. The Diaper Bank provides diapers to underprivileged families throughout Orange County and is run by an Orlando mom 100% as a volunteer.

Be sure to check out Modern Momma on their social profiles and show some love

Instagram.com/momsgiveback | Facebook – modernemomma

The Bennet House :: The Mom Bracelet

The Bennet House is a small business working to make big change by creating items that promote positivity and goodness. This wire mom bracelet, sporting a heart design for the “o” is a sweet reminder that mom is the heartbeat and center of the family .
Be sure to check out The Bennet House on their social profiles and show some love

Website: www.thebennethouseboutique.com
Etsy Site: www.etsy.com/Shop/TheBennetHouse
Facebook: TheBennetHouse |Instagram: thebennethouse


Natterdoodle is heartfelt handwriting with a mission to sprinkle the world with positivity confetti! Natterdoodle features the artist’s signature handlettering and personal take on modern calligraphy and wordplay, equal parts sappy and snarky. Some favorite techniques include watercolor design, hand drawings and vintage maps. Dozens of fun, quirky and inspirational art prints, greeting cards, tees and phone cases with a hint of whimsy and local pride, Natterdoodle’s creations bring a little color and joy to your world.

Be sure to check out Natterdoodle on their social profiles and show some love

Facebook: natterdoodle | Instagram – natterdoodles | Twitter.com/Natterdoodles
snapchat: natterdoodles

Earth Mama Angel Baby®

Earth Mama believes in the natural process of birth, and the healing power of nature. Their mission is to provide safe, herbal alternatives for pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women, and babies of all ages, and to help educate people about traditional plant medicine and safe personal care.

Be sure to check out Earth Mama Angel Baby® on their social profiles and show some love

Twitter – earthmamahq | Facebook – EarthMamaAngelBaby | Instagram – earthmamaangelbaby

American Girl

American Girl’s mission is to celebrate girls by embracing who they are today and looking forward to who they will become tomorrow.

Gabriela McBride—our new Girl of the Year! She’s a true talent who gets creative for a cause. The American Girl book that details her story shares how Gabriela has grown up surrounded by the arts—dance, painting, music, and theater. But poetry is becoming her art form of choice, for good reason: she struggles with stuttering and poetry helps her words flow more freely. Although Gabriela is a bit quiet, when she does speak, she is sharp, honest, and funny. But can she learn to harness the power of her words and her creativity to help save her beloved community arts center from being torn down?

Be sure to check out American Girl on their social profiles and show some love

Website: www.americangirl.com | Twitter: @American_Girl | Instagram: @americangirlbrand

Paper Goat Post

Paper Goat Post is owned by twin sisters, Megan & Cedar, out to follow our dream of sharing our love of paper with others. They truly believe there is something to celebrate every day (with a little bit or lots of paper) and wanted to create a space to cultivate that. An unexpected card, a simple note, a birthday banner, a party invitation, or a perfectly presented parcel – the possibilities are endless. At Paper Goat Post we strive to promote gathering and togetherness through the lost art of snail mail, gathering in celebration, and the thoughtful art of giving. Our goal is to ensure that no matter if you are attending or hosting a celebration it’s filled with unique details to make the celebration one of a kind.
Be sure to check out Paper Goat Post on their social profiles and show some love

Quantum Leap Winery 

Did you know that Florida ranks 2nd in the country for wine consumption? (Florida Moms love their wine, right?) Well, we aren’t known for having many vineyards in Florida, so to reduce the carbon footprint of transporting wine to the Sunshine State, the Quantum Leap Winery model is to search for good quality, sustainably grown wine, wherever it is around the world but to transport it in large vessels to the Orlando winery. It is in this facility where wine will be stored, finished, blended and packaged. Owners Jill and David know this process substantially reduces the carbon footprint associated with traditional wine production.

 Be sure to check out Quantum Leap on their social profiles and show some love

SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS:  Facebook – QuantumLeapWinery | Twitter – QuantumLeapWine
Instagram – quantumleapwinery | Pinterest – quantumleapwine

Erin Condren LifePlanner™ Stylized Organizers

Erin Condren is a lifestyle brand dedicated to creating personalized & customized organizational and lifestyle products that inspire, simplify, and stylize your life so that you can schedule today and celebrate tomorrow! Every LifePlanner™ is infused with colorful inspiration and let’s you customize your weekly view by choosing from vertical, horizontal, or hourly layouts. Hourly is great for time based planning, vertical has 3 different customizable sections, and horizontal has expanded space for writing and creating lists. Plan your day, your way!

Be sure to check out Erin Condren on their social profiles and show some love

SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: Instagram: @erincondren | Facebook: ErinCondren.com
Twitter: @ErinCondren | Pinterest: @erincondren


Customizable, personalized and unique handmade decor and accessories for weddings and all special occasions to fit any theme….because it’s all about the details!

Be sure to check out SimplySab on their social profiles and show some love

Etsy – etsy.com/shop/simplysab
Facebook – Simplysabetsy
Instagram – simplysabdesigns

Three Dragons Martial Arts Academy

3DMAA takes a holistic approach to traditional Martial Arts. “We develop our students using the 5 tenets of Taekwon-Do: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit. Our students practice these tenets both in and out of the dojang. We also provide healthy recipes and essential oils to promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle.”

Be sure to check out 3DMAA on their social profiles and show some love

Facebook – threedragonsmaa
Web – www.3dmaa.com/
Essential Oils – www.youngliving.org/tiffanydstewart

Cosie Covers

At Cosie Covers we believe the sky is the limit! That is why we created the first ever fitted children’s bed rail cover made from the most IRRESISTIBLY SOFT fabric designed to match the decor of your child’s bedroom. They are super FUN for your little one! Each Cover comes with a uniquely designed pocket on the inside that KIDS LOVE, because it allows them to store their special books, toys, sippy cups or anything else that may be near and dear to their little hearts!

Long gone are the days of staring at an ugly boring bed rail in the middle of your child’s beautiful room. We are officially changing the look and feel of bed time making it even more COSIE than ever before! Wishing you and your family sweet dreams!

Be sure to check out Cosie Covers on their social profiles and show some love

website – cosiecovers.com
SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: Facebook  | Twitter  | Instagram


3 time winner of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, Sweet By Holly is thrilled to celebrate your special occasions with you! Check out their custom gallery for all of life’s sweet celebrations. They also do Wedding and Gender Reveal cakes! Never tasted their cupcakes? The first two minis are on them! If you’re feeling lucky, enter to win a dozen mini cupcakes! 

SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS:     Orlando Facebook      Instagram


 Thank you SO much to all of the businesses who participated in our Favorite Things Party! We truly were spoiled and we can’t help but share our the evening with our friends and followers. There were more than 10,000+ likes and shares on social media. You can see the excitement by searching for #OMBFavoriteThings2017

To see all of the photos from the evening, click here.
Photo credit for photos from the evening – Joanna Moore Photography. SHE. IS. AMAZING!
Facebook – Joanna Moore Photography
Instagram – joannamoorephoto


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