Orlando Mom Collective Village!


Would you like to connect with moms online, as well as offline through playdates and events? Orlando can seem a little overwhelming, so we would like to make it feel a little smaller by creating the Orlando Mom Collective Village! Whether you’re a new mom, new to the city, or just want to meet new friends, the Village is the perfect way to connect with moms in your area.

Click on this link to access the group.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you and your kids to make new friends and connections in our community!

This group is moderated by administrators. While we encourage you to use this group to help you all connect, (recommendations on sitters, pediatricians, places to go for date night, advice, etc.) this ISN’T a platform for soliciting or selling.

Click on this link to access the group.

Here are some rules:

  1. First, review the automated question prompt and simply respond to the question.
  2. Please do not post anything for sale on the page. There are appropriate swip-swap groups and other outlets for that.
  3. Please do not use this as a platform to solicit business. If you do, we will not approve your post.
  4. Please be kind to each other. This is a no judgement zone.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected]

To stay up-to-date on all that Orlando Mom Collective has to offer, LIKE our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter, and Instagram (@orlandomomcollective)!

We hope this can be one way to make our large community feel a little smaller!


  1. Just tried to add myself to a neighborhood group, I hope It worked! I’m moving to Winter park from Nashville TN with a 3 week old and a 22 month ??so I have really appreciated this website!! If you happen to see my name come across do you mind to add me to this neighborhood group? Thanks so much!!

    • Welcome to Orlando Carrie! We are so thrilled to have you and look forward to you joining our community! I too moved with a 1 month old, and I remember that struggle! With her being 2 now, I can’t imagine doing it with a tot and a newborn! You’re one brave mama! We’ve actually had several posts about moving with tots that you might find helpful! I see that you have also been added successfully to our neighborhood group! Can’t wait to meet you at one of our get-togethers!

  2. Hi OMB Moms, I’m planning on moving to Orlando right after graduation in May 2017. Found this blog during my search for information on Moms in the area. I see that the groups are all closed, and I wanted to find out if I could join anyway. I’ve one friend in Orlando, FL who lives in Ocoee and want to stay within 30 minutes driving from her, if possible. I guess I just want to get an idea of what I need to do.. or not do..
    Also hoping to get pointers from any other moms who moved from the NY/NJ area…

  3. Hi Moms!
    Moving from Naples to Alafaya area Im just not sure what group I would be in! The area is the stone lakes elementary school.


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