With a completely unbiased opinion, I believe that Orlando Moms are the coolest moms! 😉 (Ok, maybe a tad bit biased, but we truly are a fabulous bunch!) One of the greatest things about our city is that we mamas LOVE to encourage one another! A fantastic way to do so is to support our local “mom-preneurs.” Shopping local is such a powerful way to have a direct impact on our City Beautiful. (And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love shopping?!)  So in an effort to make these two important tasks easier for you, the Orlando Moms Make series will highlight a fantastic group of moms in the area who have taken their craftiness and artistic flairs, and created successful businesses for themselves.


Introducing Sally Burnett of Sally Sarah Designs

UCF graduate, wife, and mother of two, this mama sincerely has a generous heart and creative spirit. I had the great pleasure of getting to sit down with Sally while our kiddos played and chat with her for a bit about her shop.


>Tell us a little about yourself and what inspired your shop.

My love for sewing came at a young age when my mother taught me how to do simple sewing techniques, like sewing in a straight line. In college, I started quilting and sewing  things like bags, place mats, and other home goods. I got married right after college, and my son was born eleven months later.  I was having a hard time finding a cute, functional bib, so I decided to create my own pattern. After trial and error, I perfected my bib and much to my surprise, my friends wanted to buy them! I started an Etsy shop on a whim and have added several items over the years. After I had my daughter, I was excited to make fun, girly things! I started making the scalloped hem dresses and skirts which are the main focus of my shop at the moment.

Burnetts-30photo (19)

>What can OMB readers look forward to seeing in your shop?

Currently in my shop you will find my signature scalloped hem dresses and skirts in various fabrics, my classic bib, and matching dresses for your little girl’s baby doll. I am also excited about my newest addition of Summer Shorties!


>What is your favorite thing about living in Orlando?

I would have to say the wonderful community for mothers. When my kids were younger, I appreciated the many mom groups that provided ways for both working and stay at home moms alike to connect. I personally joined the Baby Bunch at Winter Park Memorial Hospital and have made life long friends. I also love being a part of Moms Run This Town (when I’m not dealing with my pesky Plantar Fasciitis!). As my kids get older I truly appreciate the many free and affordable activities available for all ages like splash pads, $1 movies, and playgrounds with lots of shade!

>When you’re not sewing or actively doing wife/mom duties, what is your favorite way to unwind?

Watching Netflix! If I’m by myself, I will be watching Friends, but if I’m with my husband, you will catch us watching How I Met Your Mother.


I can attest to Sally’s handiwork as I have seen her work first hand. Even before I knew who she was, a friend’s daughter was wearing one of her amazing dresses, and I will tell you it is exquisite! She does a fantastic job! Check out her work on her Facebook page or Instagram feed, and then head on over to Sally’s Etsy shop and use the code OMB10 to receive 10% off your entire purchase. (She’s gifted this code just for our OMB readers! How sweet is that?! )

As we continue with this series, I hope that it will help you make a personal connection with a small business and encourage you to support your fellow Orlando moms by shopping local!



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