Shoott is Coming to Orlando!


Hi fellow mamas! We wanted to let you know that Shoott is coming to Orlando! My team and I are bringing our business of affordable family photo shoots to Orlando!


Our 30 minute shoots are FREE to book, and you only pay for the photos you love at $15 each or less. We meet all of our photographers in person to vet their work, personality and background to make sure the experience is fun for everyone involved.

We have events happening EVERY WEEKEND starting February 29 so that all you busy mamas can pick the day, location, and time slot that works best for your schedule! 3-5 days after you shoot, we send over your digital gallery of 40+ photos.

Use promo code LAUNCHFL to get 10% off 5+ photos.

Book your free session here:


More About Shoott

Shoott is a female-run company that seeks to make professional photography more accessible to everyone. Shoott offers “Insta-worthy” 30-minute outdoor photo sessions that are free to book and allow customers to pay only for photos they love at $15 per photo or less. We’re able to provide quality at this price point because of how we work with our photographers.

For photographers, Shoott takes care of all aspects of marketing and sales, effectively aggregating customer demand and providing full days of back-to-back sessions with quality target clients they most likely would not have met otherwise. It’s our priority to make sure our photographers are well taken care of and we provide a 60% commission on all gallery sales, a minimum guarantee of $60/hour, flexible scheduling built around photographers’ schedules, ongoing development and feedback, and transparent and regular bi-monthly paychecks.

Rated ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ across Google, Facebook, and TripAdvisor we currently operate in more than 80 locations across 14 cities. Beyond creating a win-win for photographers and clients, it’s also our mission to cultivate an inspiring and empowering community through our platform that gives voice to the faces we capture in front of the lens.


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