Taking Moments for YOU: 5 Ways to Feeling Rejuvenated


I had a moment the other day. I was able to lay down in peace and quiet (I know, c r a z y in the world of motherhood, but it happened.) I didn’t close my eyes, but I just listened to my body. I noticed that every limb & muscle felt weak and tired. (I could even feel the heaviness of my eyes settling in.)

I always joke with everyone nowadays and say “I’m 28 going on 60.” It sure does feel like it…I’m pretty sure if I don’t slow down life will really start to catch up to me. (Are we making a connection already?) After lying there and thinking, I soon realized I needed to restore my younger self…because c o m e  ON, 28 is a very young age to feel completely exhausted (I’m sure it’s not just me too.)

r e j u v e n a t i o n

It’s funny how even in my 20’s I’m seeking this word. In all its glory that motherhood brings, what’s definitely unspoken about is how it ages you faster than you can imagine… (more- grey hair, baggy eyes, wrinkles…and the list goes on).

I like searching what Google has to say about words that are stuck in my head. Here’s what she stated (and yes I’m calling Google a “she” because I always imagine it as being a woman…. I’m mean, let’s face it…we usually do have all the answers…;) )



As a result, I came to my senses and realized I’m forgetting to nurture myself as “who I am”. “Becoming more “vital” was the key word that stuck out to me…. 

They say that “Mothers are like buttons, they hold everything together.” BUT if the person that is the primary “fix it all” isn’t taking care of themselves as well…things tend to start falling apart. 

“Everyone needs to set aside time to heal their spirit and allow their soul to settle down, breathe, balance out, and rejuvenate itself…even as moms.”

Not sure if it’s the start of a new season, or the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, but I have decided it’s time to take action and allow myself to indulge in 5 steps to achieving a more rejuvenated self 

It may be that you also need to stop and listen to your body and realize “Hey, I deserve to take care of myself too.” No matter how old,  young or current life duties you hold…we all need moments of “me”. (Heck, even little ones need their “quiet/rejuvenated time”.) 

So, I dedicate this post to everyone who needs that extra push to realize “my mind, soul, and body needs to be rejuvenated”. Some things listed might sound so simple and silly, but in reality rejuvenation shouldn’t be hard. It’s simply what makes your spirit feel alive again, and actually finding time to do just that (which is the hardest part). 

This list is a mixture of things I have read about, or simply things I know will personally make me feel more vital. (P.S. I’m not even going to refer to getting more sleep because we all know that is pretty much the solution to rejuvenation, although it may not always be in our favor…but if you can…get more s l e e p.) 

5 Ways to Seek Rejuvenation 

1. Get your body moving!

Whether it’s exercising, yoga, walks, or simply taking time to stretch everyday these moments of  tuning into your body helps to restore it. 

2. Take time everyday to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee!

(And make sure you get to drink it how you like it too…I’m not talking about cold or reheated coffee.) It’s a running joke that mamas never get to drink hot coffee anymore, well that really tends to set the day off on a bad note…doesn’t it?! Find time (or invest in a YETI) to sip your hot beverage. Plus studies show that drinking a cup of tea a day helps to release antioxidants, which help to keep us young! Go ahead, read #1 from this article to find out more.)


3. Read everyday!

I’m not saying to finish a book a day, but at least find 15-20 minutes to indulge in good reading. Engage your mind and dare I say, make sure you’re physically holding a book, not an E-book. 😉 Currently I’m reading “Carry on Warrior: The Power of Embracing Your Messy, Beautiful Life“.

4. Listen to your favorite music! 

There’s something about a favorite song or radio station that shifts your mood. Play it when you’re cleaning, doing laundry, taking walks, or best yet… break out in a dance session with your family in the kitchen. Music definitely lifts the soul and makes you feel young again. 

5. And finally, don’t be afraid to tell someone you need “time alone”!

My husband now understands that I need just an hour or two when I can focus on me (not the house chores, work, or family time…but me time). I used to feel a bit guilty about wanting this time, but then I came to the conclusion that it’s something in which I need in my life in order to continue to “hold everything together, and keep those buttons on tight”. 

(As an added bonus…find time to venture outside and breathe in the fresh air.) 


In some ways this post was a letter to myself, but in all reality I’m sure there are other mamas out there that needed to read this too. It’s so easy to fall in that trap of making sure everyone else is taken care and then you’re left with a tired soul. 



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