Thanksgiving For Kids



This is the first year we are hosting my entire family for Thanksgiving. I am excited, especially about having my first shot at hosting a kids table for the big feast. We’ll have five kids at our Thanksgiving dinner this year, ranging in ages from 2 1/2 to 8 years old. I want the kids to enjoy dinner, have fun together, make their own memories and, of course, be occupied long enough for the grown-ups to actually sit down and eat their food too!


Here’s a few ways to make Thanksgiving fun for Kids.

Special Plates

I found these plastic plates at World Market for $1.99 each. I thought it’d be nice to set a kid-friendly table and these cuties will be each child’s centerpiece. Of course you can also just hit the dollar store and find Thanksgiving themed paper plates, but I like the idea of a plate that can start an annual tradition.

Thanksgiving Plate

Turkey Straws

While the grown-ups enjoy their wine and cocktails, let’s make it fun for the kids to enjoy their juice, sparkling or otherwise. I found these turkey straws at Target in a pack of 8 for $3.

Turkey Straws

Coloring Tablecloth

I almost bought the “I’m Thankful For…” placemats until I saw this entire tablecloth made for kids to color. What fun! Alongside their dinner I’ll give each child a few crayons and hope this big art project helps keep them happy and occupied long after they’ve finished their mashed potatoes.

Coloring Tablecloth

Pilgrim Hat Crayon Cups

A neat way to hold those crayons on the table is with these crayon cups that look like little pilgrim hats. I found this one searching online and while I don’t tend to be the craftiest mom on the block, I think this is a craft that me and the kids can tackle easily a few days before Thanksgiving. Cute and fun!

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Charlie Brown Appetizers

As the big meal cooks all day, it’s always nice to have nibblers out for guests to nosh on. The same is true for kids too! This year I’m inspired by the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special where Snoopy prepares a feast for the Peanuts gang. He serves up toast, pretzel sticks, popcorn and jelly beans. That sounds like an appetizer plate my little turkeys would love! It may not be nutritious but I bet they’ll like it more than fancy cheese and stuffed mushrooms!

Adopt a Turkey

One of my family traditions is to “Adopt a Turkey” from the Farm Sanctuary for each of my kids. I think this is a great way to pass on the idea of compassion to my kiddos. I order them online a few weeks before Thanksgiving so that the adoption certificates arrive in the mail in time to put out on display. This year my daughter adopted “Pamela” and my son adopted “Pepper.”

Adopt a Turkey



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