The Most Important Thing In Your Child’s Education


With my oldest soon to enter high school and my youngest learning to use the potty, I’ve been contemplating more and more about going back to work. This would be a huge change in my homeschooled family’s life.

My kids aren’t used to a regular school day. It’s true there’s some days we “do school” in our pajamas. One child will be converting decimals and percentages on the bed. Another converts the couch cushions into a fort to finish his handwriting assignment in peace. We don’t have school desks, we have a kitchen table.

And we love it. I don’t know who’d miss homeschooling more, me or the kids.

It would be tough trying to figure out what school they would go to…private, charter, public? Each has its costs and benefits.

With all the options in educating children, it’s got me thinking…what is the most important thing in a child’s education?

What is the one thing that a child needs in any educational setting?

What will help them know they are loved no matter their performance?

What will encourage them when they are struggling academically, socially, and emotionally?

Maybe the question is not what but who.

Mom and Dad. You are the primary educators in your child’s life. Teachers change. Schools change. But your kids need you to be the rock for them that doesn’t change.

Our kids need us. So badly. In a world that puts an unfathomable amount of pressure on them, they need us to be there. Just. Be. There.

Its a high calling. And in all my weaknesses and frailties, I hope, by the grace of God, to be there for my kids. Whether homeschooling or cheering them from the sidelines of school outside the home.


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