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Given the rampant COVID-19 global pandemic, water parks and natatorium areas frequented by parents and children have experienced all-time-low visitor rates within the past year. However, as temperatures continue to sizzle and rise — even well into early September — more and more people are looking for family-friendly pool activities to participate in at home from the comfort of their own pool. 

Pool time fun for everyone

Pool noodles, inflatable animals and rafts are all fun — but where’s the action? It’s time to gear up and turn heads with the latest action-packed water toy, the Pool Punisher. Created by San Diego natives Patrick Frank and George Kramb (and his five-year-old son Maverick), the Pool Punisher was designed for all age groups to have fun, battle, or simply lounge. The Pool Punisher is an inflatable, yet durable, water tank designed to take directly into any water area including pools, rivers and lakes. 

Measuring 61 inches by 44 inches by 24 inches, the Pool Punisher makes the best floating water toy for any group to participate in epic water battles. Its quality design has taken into account all members of the family — from kids to teens, to moms and dads. The Pool Punisher is kid tested and parent approved! 

The military-reminiscent tank comes equipped with an inbuilt water cannon that blasts water over a distance of 50 feet and provides its users with maximum control in any body of water. Its users can carefully position the cannon and load it with water while blasting the cannon at full force to long-range or short-range targets. Moreover, the Pool Punisher can be easily controlled by its users by using their feet to move the tank, leaving their hands free to blast the pump-action water cannon. You’ll never get tired of seeing these floating tanks in action.  

Additionally, thanks to the Pool Punisher’s inflatable nature — it can be taken on the go to nearly any place. Whether you’re planning a weekend trip to the lake, or a family outing to the beach. Just deflate, pack it up and re-inflate it wherever the hot weather takes you. The highly rated Pool Punisher is available for purchase on the Pool Punisher website, starting at a discounted price of $89. 

Whether the Pool Punisher is being used to perform sneak attacks, or being used to chill in any open body of water, no other pool toy stands a chance against the Pool Punisher! The only question that remains is — are you ready for battle?

For more information on the Pool Punisher and its unique features, visit https://www.poolpunisher.com. 


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