Visiting SeaWorld with Small Children


SeaWorld, like other theme parks, is filled with roller-coasters and rides and LOTS of great adventures for older kids. But what about the younger kiddos? We discovered that there is A LOT for the little ones as well, you just have to be smart about where you go. And YES! We’ve updated this post to include the latest feature, Sesame Street Land!

We’ve been to SeaWorld SO many times. This is the plan that works best for us. We are able to see everything on this map in 3 hours or less, depending on diaper changes and eating time AND how much time you plan to stay at Sesame Street Land!

I’ve marked, in order, each spot we visit.

Stop 1: Manta

Yes it is a big scary roller-coaster. But there is a hidden gem that is so easy to just skip right over.

Hidden Gem
Hidden Gem

Just after the ride entrance, is the Aquarium Entrance. You DO NOT want to miss this! It is spectacular inside. This unique 360-degree pop-up aquarium puts you right in the center of the undersea activity.

We always spend a good amount of time in there.

Stop 2: Stingrays

This is an interactive spot. They allow you to touch the stingrays and feed them (additional cost). If you reach your hand just below the surface, and you’re likely to feel a velvety “high five” as stingrays swim by! There are more than 120 rays—some with wingspans up to 5 feet.

There is food to purchase to feed the stingrays. Deciding ahead of time if you’re planning to feed them will build excitement for your toddler! OR conveniently ignore the feeding opportunity if you don’t want to battle your toddler with this extra expense.

Stop 3: Dolphins

This is another interactive spot. Depending on the time, you are able to feed and pet the dolphins. FYI, you will likely get splashed. This is a popular spot that is usually crowded. If it is too crowded, there is an underwater viewing station just around the corner. It is air-conditioned, so it is a wonderful spot to stay and chill for a while. You may want spend the WHOLE day there!


Stop 4: Turtle Trek

This is a 3D Movie. In my opinion, it is TOO scary for little ones, however your child may like it! If you want to skip the movie and only look at the Sea Turtles, simply enter the way everyone else does to see the Sea Turtles. The turtles are so friendly. They love to come to the glass and follow you around. Once you enter and they call for you to go to the movie, there is an exit. If you choose not to do the movie, simply tell them you are skipping out on the movie part.

Stop 5: Journey to Atlantis

Obviously a young child can’t ride this ride. However, there is another hidden gem here. Just enter through the exit of the ride, through the store, in the back. The Jewel of the Sea Aquarium is a fascinating underwater world exploding with color and luminescence is waiting to be explored in our aquariums, directly beside Journey to Atlantis.

From otherworldly jellyfish illuminated by an interactive backlight to a cool aquatic habitat covered by plexiglass you can walk right across, come discover the living jewels of the sea.

Again, it is air-conditioned, so a great spot to re-cooperate from the heat.

Stop 6: Antarctica

This is a ride that small children can go on. I suggest going on the “easy” part. That way the ride isn’t twisting and jerking your little ones around. This was the first ride my little one ever went on and she did great. Not one tear.

The movie before the ride is adorable!
The movie before the ride is adorable!
The scenery in the ride is bold and beautiful!

There is a SPECTACULAR surprise at the end of the ride. Warning, it is FREEZING! If you can bear the cold, you will absolutely love this part.

You are SO close to the penguins. It is amazing.
You are SO close to the penguins. It is amazing.

Stop 7: Sea Lions

Sea Lions are so adorable!  There is never a dull moment when we visit this spot. They are always playing and barking. Depending on the time of day, you are able to feed them.

Stop 8: Sharks

Warning, it may be intense for your little ones. You are in a tube with sharks at every angle. My little one was completely fine as long as we talked her through it and held onto her.

Stop 9: Sea Carousel

If you visited SeaWorld in the past, you may be disappointed to hear that the Happy Harbor  is no more. 🙁 (edit, per news from SeaWorld website.) Happy Harbor has closed to invite new friends from Sesame Street over to play in 2019. Until then, enjoy the kid-friendly rides, including the Sea Carousel and the “mild” version of Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin.

Adding a classical element to SeaWorld, a marine-themed masterpiece topped by a behemoth 45-foot-wide pink octopus. Handheld infants may ride on the bench seat if accompanied by a supervising companion.

Newly Added: Sesame Street Land!

(editor addition, 5/2019)
Sunny Day ☀️
Sweepin’ the clouds away
On my way to where the air is sweet
Can you tell me how to get,
How to get to Sesame Street? 🚦

Meeting our newest Sesame Street neighbors at SeaWorld will leave you seriously impressed! Every little detail thought out, and your kids will be IN AWE all day long!

photo property of Orlando Moms Blog
photo property of Orlando Moms Blog
photo property of Orlando Moms Blog
photo property of Orlando Moms Blog
photo property of Orlando Moms Blog
photo property of Orlando Moms Blog
photo property of Orlando Moms Blog
photo property of Orlando Moms Blog
photo property of Orlando Moms Blog

A couple tips… .
1. Buy the Elmo Interactive Bubble Wand! Not only will it give the kids a fun bubble wand, but Seaworld has a lot of stations where they can activate the voices and make it come to life, simply by tapping/waving their wand! {BONUS: They are super durable! Ours were dropped A LOT, and they didn’t break or stop working!}
2. Take swimwear and a change of clothes! Their splash pad is a welcome relief in the warm weather! Additionally, extra sunblock is a must.
3. Hats are a smart thing to pack. The area is large, and not a lot of coverage, except in the lines for the rides.
4. Their fruit smoothies are YUMMY!!! They even have fresh fruit on the bottom. My fav was the pineapple… So good!
5. Get a spot early for the parade! You won’t regret it!

 photo property of Orlando Moms Blog

photo property of Orlando Moms Blog

Stop 10: Wild Arctic

This is another ride that the might be too intense for the kiddos. I ALWAYS skip the ride. Luckily, there is a non-ride option. You want to use this to see the exhibit inside. It is well worth it.

Inside, they have playful Beluga whales, lounging polar bears, and a hilarious walrus. Each exhibit offers an above view AND underwater view. Both are unique and fascinating.


You may notice I left out all shows. Obviously the shows are an easy addition and small children-friendly, but sometimes the show times can put a kink in your day, especially if you are bound by nap times and feeding schedules. Prior to your visit, print off a show schedule, so that you can keep it on standby, in case a show works into your day.

Shows include: Dolphin DaysOcean DiscoveryPets AhoyClyde and Seamore’s Sea Lion High


Do you have any tips that make theme parks easier for small children? Please share! I’m always looking for ways to make a theme park experience the best ever!



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