They say one of the great things favorite things about Florida is that no matter where you are you are no more than an hour away from a beach. For some of us, though, that’s not enough. I am one of the fortunate ones who live at the beach full time—New Smyrna Beach is an amazing town that has something for everyone.

Here are the reasons why I love my neighborhood and why you should, too!

1.     The great food.   New Smyrna Beach, a cozy coastal community located one hour east of downtown Orlando. The food scene in NSB is always changing and has something for everyone. It attracts experimental chefs as well as increasingly more ethnic fare and is reaching new heights as a “foodie” destinationNew Smyrna Beach

2.     The unique shopping opportunities.    New Smyrna Beach is a cozy coastal community that is an eclectic mix of old and new. Check out my personal favorites!

New Smyrna Beach
Surf Lessons at New Smyrna Beach (C) Donna Taliercio

3.     Surfing + Water Sports  New Smyrna is an amazing beach and is recognized worldwide for its incredible surf. Unlike California, Hawaii, or other world class surf spots, NSB is unpretentious, affordable and accessible to all.

New Smyrna Beach

4.     Great place to raise your kids. With all of the above options, combines with several of A-rated elementary and high schools, world-class beaches within minutes of your backyard and overall a safe, friendly place to live and raise a family.

Most of all, I love that New Smyrna Beach is a unique town that combines an Old Florida feel and blue-collar vibe with the soul of the barefoot bohemian and compassion of a community that cares about the land and sea.

If you become one of the many to visit New Smyrna on your next vacation, I know you’ll fall in love with it too. And maybe you’ll wind up staying here for a more than while – just like I did!



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