Why my whole family fell in love with Eva NYC Clean it up Shampoo and Conditioner

    This post is sponsored by Eva NYC. As always, all opinions expressed are my own.

    I usually shy away from product reviews, because I don’t want someone to think I’m just saying wonderful things about a product that aren’t true. I always want to be authentic and real, and only share about something if I truly love it. So I went into this process with a “let’s try and see” attitude, only wanting to give pure feedback about Eva NYC shampoo and conditioner.

    First off, I did a little bit of research. The product promises:

    The Eva NYC Clean It Up Shampoo gently cleanses, restores and nourishes hair. Argan oil feeds hair with vitamins and nutrients, while Keravis™ protein complex delivers optimal anti-breakage benefits and is scientifically proven to triple the strength of hair. The result is stronger, healthier, softer hair. Keravis™ protein complex is scientifically proven to deliver 3X stronger hair and Argan oil is a rich source of Vitamins A & E and Omegas 3, 6, 9 Free of parabens, phosphates, mineral oils, not tested on animals.

    This all sounded great, but it was time to give it a try. After my first use, little did I realize that my children would give me the inspiration for what I needed to say about Eva NYC!

    Day one

    I kid you not. My 16 year old son did a double-take after looking at me and said, “Did you do something different to your hair? It looks good!” MY SON. A BOY. A 16 YEAR OLD BOY. Totally not prompted, totally out of the blue. He noticed something different about my hair. Compliment given. Proud mama.

    I think what he noticed was the bounce that my hair had. You know that feeling you have when you leave the hair salon? The feeling that your hair is SO clean and the months of residue is gone? THAT was the feeling I had. It had been MONTHS since I had been to the salon (I’ve been growing out my hair), and it has been in dire need of help! 

    Day two

    My 18 year old daughter steals the shampoo from my shower and proceeds to tell me how much she loved it. This is my daughter who is EXTREMELY picky about her hair products and usually hides them in her room so that no one will use her favorite products. She had no idea that I was reviewing the shampoo and conditioner, so I asked her to write one paragraph about why she loved it so much. (Nothing like giving your children homework! HA!) She wrote, 

    Probably one of the things I loved most about Eva NYC was how clean my scalp was after using it. I LOVED the fragrance too! The conditioner felt wonderful! It felt so smooth and as I washed it out of my hair it was like it was moisturizing each and every one of the hair strands, making it seem like silk. After I dried my hair I was really astonished by the clean feel and the shiny look it gave my hair. I will definitely continue to steal my moms shampoo and conditioner!

    Day three

    By day three I knew that my kids were the inspiration for the product review, so I asked my 13 year old for her opinion, too. (By this time I think they caught on to the fact that I would be using their words in a review, so her reply was short and sweet!)

    It has good scent, and was really smooth to my hair. The conditioner was really supportive of my hair and made it silky for days! It kept my scalp clean and didn’t look oily at all. I would definitely recommend it to many people.

    My own words 

    I’m loving the compliments on my hair lately. Not only from my son, but also from friends just this past week. 

    I’m certain that we will continue to use Eva NYC. Having a good hair day is everything. Amirite?! Not only did my family fall in love with it, but I love the price tag. You can get Eva NYC at Costco (we love Costco!) for ONLY $7.99 for a deluxe size bottle ($19.99 value), and there’s no membership needed to shop online. For once I don’t have to worry about my kids stealing my shampoo. We will have one in every bathroom! Additionally I’m certain that Eva NYC will be perfect for getting out chlorine and beach residue this summer. 

    So while this might not be your typical shampoo and conditioner review, I hope you give it a try. I think you will fall in love with it just like my family did. I’d love to hear your feedback, too! Share in the comments below!


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