Winn-Dixie is making HAPPY happen with Kuddles, its new and improved line of baby essentials


What makes you happy? We recently took to Facebook to find out what makes you happy. Here’s what you said.

Stephanie R. – Watching my son learn and grow and spending time with family.
Kimberly H. – Coffee! Just kidding! …sort of.  Just kidding, Kimberly? Coffee makes ME happy!
Amanda M. – My boys. Reading. Writing. Laying by the beach. Umbrella drinks. Family time. Alone time. Someone else cleaning my house.
Sindy B. – Sleep, quiet, kids, beach, having no worries… You know? The normal stuff. Lol

Love the answers! We totally agree.

So why all the “happy” talk? Well, we are beyond thrilled to partner with Winn-Dixie and their “Make Happy Happen Day!” And they’ve got some pretty sweet things going on that will definitely make you happy… like FREE DIAPERS FOR A YEAR! Yes, please! There will also be live entertainment, a face painter and balloon artist, food samples, a coloring station, and more! Their “Make Happy Happen Day” is this Saturday, June 21st, from 3-5 p.m. at their Longwood location – Winn-Dixie, 951 W. State 434, Longwood, FL 32750.

What makes you happy?
What makes you happy?

Some moms make it look so easy – are they super moms with super happy babies? Not at all! The truth is baby mishaps and messes happen to every mom. Happiness happens when you’re prepared!

Winn-Dixie is Making Happy Happen with Kuddles, its line of quality, affordable formula, diapers and baby essentials. Kuddles makes it easier to be the mom you want to be! We believe that dry bottoms and full tummies mean happy babies (and moms, too!), and with our enhanced line of Kuddles products, we’ve got you covered so you can enjoy the big stuff: more time to sing, swing, snuggle and twirl.

The best part is that you don’t need to spend more or drive farther to have it all together. Stop by your local neighborhood Winn-Dixie store to stock up on quality, value and happiness including new, softer, snugger, drier diapers, baby lotion, powder, oils, hair detangler, baby wipes in assorted scents and sizes, and FDA reviewed and approved baby formula with a brand new convenient scoop handle and lid.

Making happy happen isn’t a magic formula. It’s Kuddles formula, diapers and essentials. Everything you need and the quality you can trust, every (baby) step of the way.

Kuddles - Make Happy Happen Day!
Kuddles – Make Happy Happen Day!


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