Once upon a time, back in 2015, my family lived in southern California. Ok, we lived there our whole lives and thought everything was fine and dandy.

I finally finished my math degree and teaching credential and started my first big teaching job.

My husband had been working with the same company for a few years.

We had a cute little house and trying to have our second baby.

AND THEN… my husband’s company got bought out and was told they’re moving their main location to Florida and closing shop in two years!



We decided to wait to see if I was going to be hired on permanently or not. If I did, we’d stay and he’d look for a new job. If I didn’t, we’d go with his job and I’d look for a new job.

Well, I was not asked to stay, so we announced to friends and family that we were going to follow his job to Florida. Such a tough decision, but it started to grow on us.

We flew out in June of 2016. In those 3 days we saw 28 houses in the Avalon Park area. Deciding factors were based on distance for my husband to drive to work and a good rated high school with a water polo team.

The schools in Titusville were not to my standards.

Sanford was nice but too far to travel.

Finally decided on Timber Creek High School in Avalon Park: High ratings and a water polo team, check! 25 min drive to work along a beautiful path, check!

Now to find a home.

Man was that a tiring weekend, but we were super excited to find a great home at a great price. The house we bought actually did not show up on our list because it was a smidge over our price limit. As we were driving around our daughter saw the for sale sign and said we should stop. So we did. The house turned out to be reduced in price and had what we were looking for. Check!

We made an offer and it was accepted!

We moved that August. Woohoo!

Here 5 things that we LOVE about Avalon Park.

  1. SCHOOLS: Finding out that not just the high school had a great school rating, so did our elementary and middle school. This is good because we had our second baby at this time of transition and eventually we had our third.

  2. WALKING DISTANCE: So excited that we have so many little shops and a grocery store in walking distance. Five minutes and we’re at the Publix with CVS across the street. 7 minutes and we’re at the park. 10 minutes and we’re at several different restaurants. There is a good mix of small and big businesses in our little area. The high school and elementary school are also walking distance for us. The middle school is deeper in the neighborhood so it would take a bit longer.

  3. ACTIVITIES: Our neighborhood community hosts several large events throughout the year and even more smaller ones. Fireworks three times a year, craft fair, kite day, Oktoberfest, Spooktacular (that I have now joined and created the haunted house the past two years), Winterfest, Wine Walk, and street sales for small businesses to sell stuff. We also have monthly food trucks come out and now we have a community rotating museum. And so much more, I could go on.

  4. AMUSEMENT PARKS: They’re not right in our back yard, but to us the drives are super doable. We came from driving in Los Angeles traffic, haha! So for us from Avalon Park the airport is 20 mins, SeaWorld is 25 minutes, 25 minutes to Orlando Wetlands Park, Universal is 35 minutes, Disney is 45 minutes, and Legoland is 80 minutes. We have SeaWorld and Legoland passes and just join friends and family at the other parks for a day when they come visit. Oh, and the beach is 50 mins to Cocoa!

  5. BEAUTIFUL: Coming from a dry state, I am loving how green this state is. But what I love about Avalon Park is that there are 34 ponds and it’s mostly surrounded by nature reserves. You get this small town cozy feel and the beauty of nature. There’s wide sidewalks to walk around and enjoy the day. There’s a great park with a little splash pad and a community center for private parties and small community events. I host several of them myself. It’s been a great way to get to know people. Bonus, the sunsets are gorgeous! And you can still see the rocket launches. They are amazing!

Seriously, I love my community. You should definitely consider it if you’re planning on moving to the Orlando area or just looking for something different than where you already are.


  1. Thanks for this nice article! Do you have news on the lawsuit case concerning cancer in this area due to the plant leaks?
    We are thinking to move there but the uncertainty on this case is a barrier so far…


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