Party Planning Tips

Now that school is back in session, we will be planning and attending a lot of parties. Whether you are planning a birthday party, sports event, or just a fun get together, these 8 tips will help to reduce some of the stress that comes with party planning.

1. Create a Facebook Event

Sending invitations home from school with children is a great way to make sure that no parents ever see the invitation. To make sure parents are aware of the event, create a Facebook event for your guest. If you aren’t Facebook friends with all of the parents, then put a link to the event page on the invitation and ask the parents to join. If they don’t join, then you’ll know that they most likely didn’t receive an invite and you can seek them out to personally invite them.

2. Encourage RSVPs with Incentives

Another great reason to create a Facebook event is that it makes it easier for parents to RSVP. If you find that parents still aren’t replying, then give them an incentive. If you are planning something great like hiring a face painter or taking the kids ice skating and you need a head count, then let the parents know that they must RSVP in order for their kids to be included. You can even set a deadline for extra motivation.

3. Use Balloon Sticks

Party Planning Tips
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Balloon sticks are a great alternative to helium filled balloons. By using balloon sticks you can eliminate the panic of having to rush out and buy balloons the day of the party and you don’t have to worry about them flying away. Additionally, you can purchase way more for the same cost, so when balloons pop (and you know they will) you can simply blow up another balloon and place it on the stick.

4. Hire a Cosplayer

Party Planning Tips

Hiring a princess or super hero character from a production company could cost $100- $250 an hour. Cosplayers charge sufficiently less. Cosplayers genuinely enjoy dressing up and getting into character, which will bring a special energy to the event. Plus, their costumes are usually handmade and more authentic looking. You can join Cosplayer groups on Facebook or find a local group. Since they aren’t vetted through an agency you’ll need to make sure to ask for references, form a relationship, and take the necessary security precautions before hiring.  

5. Have the kids DIY-it

Several aspects of party planning that you may hate, kids will actually love. So why not let them do it? Cupcake decorating and filling up water balloons are two examples of things that kids would have a blast doing themselves. 

6. Make a Candy/ Treat Bar as a Party Favor

Party Planning Tips
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Party favor bags are such a generous touch and a great way to show your guests how appreciative you are for their attendance. HOWEVER, those cheap little toys and hard candy choking hazards are something that every parent can do without. So instead of making favor bags, buy party favor boxes or bags and allow the kids to fill them up with candy from a candy buffet before they leave.

7. Give gift suggestions

Party Planning Tips

Registering for a birthday party might seem a little excessive, but it is actually very helpful. You can create a gift registry for a birthday just like you would for a wedding. If you don’t want to do that, then you can just give your guests a few suggestions. On the invitation, make a list of your child’s likes and what types of toys and entertainment he/she is interested in.

8. End with a movie

Although most parties have a set start and end time on the invitations, there will always be families who come super late and then want to stay even later. Plan to start a movie so that it ends exactly when the party is supposed to be over. This way the end of the movie is a natural ending to the party, even if everyone doesn’t want to watch it.

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