Our single week countdown officially began this week. Our sweet baby girl is due in nine weeks, an official due date of December 24 – that’s right – Christmas Eve!  Can you think of a better Christmas present?! I keep telling my 15-month-old she is getting a sister for Christmas. She obviously has no clue what is about to happen to her and hopefully she’ll love her little sister as much as everyone keeps telling me she will!

31 weeks!
31 weeks!

At my last check up, I scheduled all my remaining prenatal appointments. This is when it really hit me that the end is near. I only have six prenatal appointments left! Only six (hopefully no less) and then my seventh will be actually at the hospital, having this beautiful baby! So what is there left to do? A LOT!

My super hubby is finishing painting some home remodeling we had to do, we have picked out paint for her room but haven’t painted yet, have a crib that isn’t put together and a soon-to-be nursery still filled with what was our office! But hey, we still have nine weeks! Thankfully, we have most other essentials from our first baby who is only 15-months-old.

We also plan to meet with our Doula Extrodinaire and Babyourself Owner, Kristi Corley. We want another all natural delivery and can’t do it without her. Last July, we delivered our first perfect baby girl with Kristi’s help and I wouldn’t have it any other way this time around. Having a doula (a.k.a. birth coach) is truly a blessing and something I recommend every mom-to-be learn about.

For now, I feel pretty good, minus the regular heartburn that started this week! I had extreme heartburn with my first and she was born with a full head of dark brown hair — that old wives tale came true for me! I am guessing it is likely this one will have the same. I am also trying to savor each of these moments, even times when I am uncomfortable. I know this special time is coming to an end and could be the last time I experience all these things. So every baby movement (which is all of hours of the day, even as we speak!), every minute of heartburn and everything else in between I am grateful for.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. Next month I’ll share more updates on my growing belly, baby nursery and doula preparations!




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