Special Delivery!


Happy New Year! We spent most of 2013 waiting for the arrival of our second baby, who arrived just before 8 a.m. on Dec. 23. What a journey it was!

This labor was different in several ways from our first. Our doula, Kristi, was present for the birth of both our babies and helped us achieve an all natural, drug-free delivery with both. I could not have accomplished this without the support from Kristi, my husband and our great healthcare team! We had learned several lessons from our first birth and felt really prepared for this delivery.IMG_3959On the evening of Dec. 22, I told my husband “something feels different.” I could not put it into words but I knew my body.  I woke just after midnight on Dec. 23 with a significant contraction. I timed them on my own for about 30 minutes and when they were coming regularly every 5-6 minutes, I woke my husband up, we timed a few more and then we called Kristi. When they quickly became less than 4 minutes a part, we shifted into high gear! We called my parents to come to the house and watch our 17 month old — something we didn’t have to plan for with the first birth! We called Kristi again and let her know we were headed to the hospital.

Once there, I was one of three women in active labor trying to check in. Who knew late December was peak season for babies?! According to the hospital staff it is one of their busiest times of year! We were moved quickly to triage where I was already 6 cm dilated! From there they moved us to labor and delivery where contractions got very intense. With my support team, I was able to manage my pain well and felt good despite the pain.

The hospital was so busy, my OB practice had to call in more help! Thankfully, they called in the practice’s midwife. I was so relieved when I saw her walk in my room! She was amazing and she too supported our natural delivery. By now, it was nearly 7 a.m. With the support of our midwife, doula, my husband and my sister who arrived just in time, I ready to push. I will be very honest and admit that pushing this baby was incredibly painful, more so than my first. With that said, we were on a mission and my team supported me through every push and just before 8 a.m., our sweet baby girl was born perfect and healthy with a full head of dark hair, just like her sister!

IMG_4029Like everyone says, the pain did truly stop once she was born. She nursed right away and my husband and I looked at each other and counted our blessings and gazed upon our Christmas gift to each other.

Its been two weeks since she was born and we are adjusting and learning more each day. Two is definitely very different than one! I’ll report back next month on how we are handling our “new normal!”




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