The loss of my grandmother almost five years ago hit me hard.  Her home was the center of many family celebrations, milestones and Sunday brunches. She was a strong-willed woman, independent, very giving and the person who held the family together. Her loss has been felt tremendously these past few years, especially during the holidays.

I find myself calling my mom or dad to ask for Grandma’s recipes to try to recreate for my own family. While Grandma’s recipes are certainly one way to keep a connection to her, my sister made me a special gift that’s sure to be passed down to my daughter. 

My sister was given a box of broken jewelry when my grandmother’s house was being cleared. To be honest, I probably would have tucked that box away for safe keeping. However, in order to ensure each of us had a little memory, my sister crafted these beautiful trees and frames with my grandmother’s jewelry. This is a sentimental way to cherish little mementos and keep them in the family. 

The Jeweled Tree

Take any type of jewelry. Necklaces, broaches, bracelets, and earrings were all used. Hover here for more info.

She purchased styrofoam floral cones from a craft store and used a basic frame. 

The jewelry was then separated by color/style and was then glued to the cones and frame. 

I have the white tree (pictured) displayed in my family room right next to my Christmas tree. I can honestly say, each time I look over and see the jeweled tree, it brings a smile to my face. Such a thoughtful gift has filled my holiday with tons of memories and warmth. 


The Jeweled Tree

I have my share of broken jewelry thanks to my almost 5 year old.  Instead of just tossing it away, I now keep it in a box, just waiting to collect enough to create something beautiful. 




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