Christina Carlisi

Christina Carlisi
Pineapples whereing sunglasses with balloons for summer party ideas

Summer Party Ideas to Finish the Summer Strong

Have we reached the midway of summer already?  The kids have been out of school for over a month, and we still have weeks until the next school year begins.  There have been vacations,...
two women smiling at camera in front of Cinderella's castle in Disney World Orlando. On a girls trip

Attention Moms, Book the Girls’ Trip

Summer is here.  The kids are out of school.  Vacations are booked.  Camps are planned.  The monotonous school year routine is over, but somehow, life is still crazy.  How do we combat that?  Book...
a mom, dad, and daughter staring at the camera smiling.

Reflecting on the Middle School Graduation

My daughter is about to graduate from middle school. I'm feeling nostalgic and somewhat sad about all the milestones we’ve shared over the years. Even though I have 4 more years left — and...
man, woman, and child smiling at camera on a plane. alternative birthday party

Alternatives To a Traditional Birthday Party For Your Children

You often hear it repeated: we only get 18 years of milestones, events, and experiences with our children. That’s 18 summers, Christmases, Back-to-School seasons, and birthday parties. However, sometimes these experiences tend to feel...
Photo of Disney Cruise Ship from the beach by Christina Carlisi with words ' Smooth Sailing: Why a Disney Cruise is the easiest vacation for families' over top of image

Smooth Sailing: Why a Disney Cruise is the EASIEST Vacation for Families

As Central Florida moms, we have a little thing in our backyard called the Walt Disney World Resort. I mean, how lucky are we that we’re all neighbors to the most magical place on...
Amy Shamblen via Unsplash photo of brown lugging on side, handle out with books and red sunglasses on top with words '9 random things to pack to make your Disney Cruise experience easier' over top picture

9 Random Things to Pack to Make Your Disney Cruise Experience Easier

For Central Floridians, one of the easiest vacations to take with small children is a Disney Cruise! No airplanes to board, no luggage restrictions (we had seven checked bags on our recent cruise!) --...
Dennis Cortes via unsplash photo of a big chandelier and ceiling of the Grand Floridian Resort with text '6 perks of staying at a Disney Resort' in front of picture

6 Perks of Staying At A Disney Resort

There are so many decisions to make when planning a Disney World trip—where to eat, which activities to take part in (some are even free!), how to build a schedule that works for everyone...
frances gunn via unsplash picture of spaceship earth and sky with 'festival of the arts a mom's guide in text over top'

A Mom’s Guide to EPCOT’s Festival of the Arts

Pairing unique and amazing cuisine with the beautiful works of talented artists, the Epcot International Festival of the Arts has something for everyone and is running now through February 19th. Whether you're visiting Orlando...

Repurpose your Holiday Leftovers into a Meal Everyone will Love

The busiest time of the year is upon us and the last thing we have time for is planning and making meals every night.  If you’re like me, I put so much energy into...
thanksgiving takeout

Thanksgiving Takeout in Central Florida

The holidays are meant to be shared by family and friends; don’t get stuck in the kitchen!  Busy moms deserve to enjoy the day too with the least amount of work.  Here are some...