Back-to-School: Paper Goat Post Style


Disclaimer: You’ll notice that I’m about to brag on Paper Goat Post. All of the info about this fabulous stationary shop are my own. I wasn’t paid to brag on them!

When you hear the words, “back-to-school,” they can be quite daunting. I personally do not have any ‘school-aged’ children yet but as a former teacher I know that this time of year can be quite crazy. My son is also starting his first year of preschool so I find myself getting into the back-to-school craze; shopping all the sales, keeping my eye on the ads, and browsing all the school supply sections.

Aside from my photography businesses, I also like to dabble into a little modern calligraphy and hand lettering fun in my spare time. (Spare time? What is that?) One of my favorite places to gear up for my personal back-to-school fun is down in Ivanhoe Village. Ivanhoe Village is full of beautiful and unique shops, bakeries, and restaurants. The Paper Goat Post is a quaint little shop that offers everything from stationary and postcards to nursery and festive decor. I could literally spend hours in the Paper Goat Post. To top it all off, as a small business you get that family-feel immediately after walking in the colorful doors. The owners are twin sisters, Megan and Cedar Watson, that welcome you with open arms and huge smiles!


This back-to-school season, the Paper Goat Post has some seriously awesome specials going on. To start, Florida’s Tax-Free Weekend is August 5th through August 7th, so why not support local business this school year!? The Paper Goat Post offers several items that qualify for tax-free shopping;  pens, markers, notebooks. They also have all your writing, calligraphy, and hand-lettering supplies too; with other exempt items and additional sale items like super cute planners and calendars. We can’t forget about our teachers either! The Paper Goat Post is offering some fabulous, customizable items at 15% off that are perfect for gifting to your child’s teacher. I’ll be down there for tax-free weekend and hope to see you there too!


Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 7.33.38 PM

Make sure you check out the Paper Goat Post online too!


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