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The third book I’ve finished on my list of most anticipated reads of the year was Blitz by Devney Perry and I loved every single page. Devney Perry’s books always make me giddy to pick up. I first fell in love with her story telling in Indigo Ridge and The Bribe  I’ve never read a page of hers that I did not enjoy. When you find authors who always captivate you and weave stories you think about for days and weeks after, that overwhelming sense of certainty is exactly why I love to read.

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Blitz is the second in her Treasure State Wildcats series, but you do not need to read the first, Coach, before this one. The timelines of the two books do overlap significantly, so if you’re trying to keep your reading spoiler free I do think you need to start with Coach.

Blitz Summary:

Toren and Jennsyn meet at his annual 4th of July party. He’s annoyed with himself for agreeing to host the party again because of all the chaos that it brings, but when he meets his new neighbor, he suddenly doesn’t mind. They spend the night together and they both spend the next couple weeks thinking about the other. But when their paths cross again, the fantasy of their future comes crashing down. Jennsyn is the newest addition to the Treasure State volleyball team, meaning their relationship is totally off limits. Toren is the assistant football coach and after the scandal that rocked the athletic department the year before, he is determined to keep his job and ensure Jennsyn can play her last season as a collegiate athlete. Jennsyn and Toren spend much of the semester pretending they aren’t attracted to the other, but begin to take small, stolen moments together. Their chemistry jumps off the page but the spice never takes from the story plot. As the school year goes on, Toren and Jennsyn make room for more and more time together and it makes you wonder if they’re about to be caught and lose everything.

Blitz Rating:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, 🌶️🌶️🌶️

Favorite Quotes:

“That laugh was the most beautiful thing I’d heard in my life.”

“Deep down, I knew this thing between us was more than a casual hookup.”

“I wasn’t sure what label to use. Important, maybe. He was important. This connection between us was special.”

“Don’t feel guilty for missing a milestone you didn’t even know existed. BE around for the next one and we’ll call it even.”


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