Cloth Diapers – They’re Easier to Use Than You Think


Cloth diapers

I shall preface this by saying, I never thought I’d cloth diaper my kids. I’m all for saving the environment but I’ve totally been okay with green cars and recycling. Reusing diapers over and over again? This wasn’t in my cards, man. But whatever. We’re here.

I’m not one of those cloth diapering mamas who is obsessed with cloth diapering. I have no desire in trying to convert anyone and I’m all for disposables, too. That said, if you’ve ever wondered if you could cloth diaper, it really is easier than you think. Having cloth diapered two children, I can honestly say that I still don’t like having a very close relationship with poop but it has gotten better the second time around.

It’s not THAT expensive.

It cracks me up when a fellow mama tells me that she can’t afford those “fancy cloth diapers”. Girl. Who told you they were expensive and had to be fancy? Who lied to you? The reality is, cloth diapers are SO much less than disposable diapers and they can be sold (yeeeeep, people will purchase poop catchers. Classy, right?) and saved for consecutive children. Also, with anything, you decide how much you want to invest. You can take the prefold route and spend a good $30 for a nice stash or you can spend a little more and get all-in-1’s that can go up to $30/diaper.

It’s not THAT complicated.

Okay, yes…I will admit that researching cloth diapers online can be a bit intimidating. There are SO many brands, styles and accessories. We’ve complicated things but really it’s very simple. Your kid pees or poops on cloth. You put it in a bag. You put said bag in washer. You wash. You dry. Repeat. That’s it.

It’s not THAT time consuming.

Do you think I sit around washing diapers all day? Girl no. I ain’t got time for that. Stay at home mamas don’t have time and neither do my work out of the home parents. If you thought cloth diapering meant spending hours washing and folding, please think again. While I do find myself doing laundry daily (and I probably would if I wasn’t cloth diapering…#momlife), the diapers don’t add to the fuss. I do 2 wash cycles and hang to dry outside. Trying to strap my wild child of a 3-year old in a car seat takes more time.

It’s not THAT gross.

Okay, I’m lying. It is gross. But so are soiled disposable diapers. Diapers period are gross. They stink and no one wants to deal with them. But we do. With disposable diapers, you throw them away. Cloth diapers require one extra step and if poop is involved you may have to spray, dump or scrape the poop away. But no biggie. In the years that I’ve cloth diapered, I’ve never ended up with poop in my eyes or hair. I don’t think. I hope not.

It’s not ALL or NOTHING.

When I first got into cloth diapering with my oldest, I didn’t start until she was a good 6 months old. I was so intimidated by cloth diapers and I wasn’t ready to spend the money on getting her a stash. Seriously? Why was I stressing it? What I should have done is just slowly add 1 cloth diaper to her stream of disposable diapers. It’s that easy. This is your kid. Do what you want! You can cloth diaper only at home and send kiddo to daycare in disposables. You can use cloth by day and disposables by night. You can use cloth when your little is dealing with a diaper rash and disposables for any other time. Your kid. Your poop catchers. Your rules. It’s that simple.


Any cloth diaper lovers in the house?

Or are you absolutely against giving them a try?


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