Easy Summer Fun With Your Little Ones



Summer is just around the corner, and I don’t know about you, but that brings about a whole lot of excitement in our house! As a kid, I have fond memories of trips to my grandparents house to play once school let out, and warm summer nights under the stars at the drive-in theater. Of course, let’s also not forget chasing the ice cream truck down the street every time you heard that familiar jingle calling your name!

I’m definitely not a fan of over scheduling our family time – which can be easy to do these days! I want to focus on making memories this summer, so here is a simple list of activities to do together this summer!

  • movie under the stars — grab a blanket, a bowl of popcorn & the iPad out back and make your own outdoor theater!
  • take a trip to the beach — click HERE for for a fun & easy way to wrap up those sandy days.
  • visit your local library — click HERE for OMB’s All-Kid Guide to the Orange County Library & don’t forget what we share HERE for their summer reading program!
  • run around together at a splash pad — click HERE for a list of Orlando’s BEST Splash Pad’s.
  • marvel in the joy of fireworks on the 4th — click HERE for tips on keeping your holiday safe!
  • pool time fun— click HERE to get refreshed on some water safety.
  • go on a day-trip & explore Florida — there are SO many fun & educational places that are super close by. Click HERE for a list of State Parks, Museums & beaches in the St. Augustine & Jacksonville areas.
  • explore your local Farmer’s Market — did you start a garden with your little one this spring? what better way to learn about the fruits (get it?) of their labor? Click HERE for when/where one is happening by you.
  • build a blanket fort — there a bound to be rainy days/afternoons but don’t let that deter you. A fort in the middle of living room or playroom is a wondrous gem in our parts. Books & board games are welcome, too!
  • dance it out — seriously….put on some music & dance with your kiddos! It is SO fun! Promise!


Summer can be chaotic, if you let it become that monster. So, listen up mamas….don’t let it! HERE is some great advice from a fellow OMB mama. Live more and schedule less. Yes, I’ve listed some awesome things to do with the family, but these can be spontaneous. Not everything has be to planned out. Sometimes the best moments in life happen when you least expect them!


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