Water Safety Tips


It’s summer and that means it’s hot here in Florida. We spend a lot of time at the beach, lakes, and pools to stay cool. Below are 5 important water safety tips.

water-safety-tips3Supervision is key: Whether your child can swim or not, they should always be under adult supervision. Did you know that on average, drowning deaths for children occur within 20 seconds. Answering the front door, running inside to take a phone call, taking a potty break, all of those actions take around 20 seconds plenty of time for an accident to happen.

Weather: Florida is known for afternoon storms in the summer. And we are known for quick weather changes. A beautiful sunny day can turn into a storm in minutes. We are the lightning capital, so be aware of weather alerts at all times.

Buddy system: Teens and adults should use a buddy system when swimming in lakes and oceans. Even the best swimmers can be swept out to sea or can get pulled out by the undertow. Having a buddy watching out for you and vice versa is very important.

Alcohol:  Avoid alcohol use while adults and children are swimming.

Toys: Do not rely on pool rings, tubes, and arm “swimmies” to keep a child safe. These are not life-saving items, but are merely toys. Also, large inflated rings with bottoms or inflatable boats can trap children underneath.

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