Eco-friendly shopping is becoming a more important part of people’s lives. As a mom, you may already be involved with celebrating Earth Day with your kids or running your own green business. However, it’s also worth considering how to incorporate your eco-friendliness into your wardrobe.

There are many green clothing items on the market. From apparel to jewelry and even houseware. even though we as moms often feel like we don’t have our own style, there’s so much fun in looking at pre-loved items or sustainable that elevate our current mom style. 

Brands with sustainable materials and practices

Over the last several years, brands have noted that sustainability is increasingly important to consumers. For these businesses, there are distinct opportunities here. By offering more eco-friendly products, they can attract environmentally conscious consumers. As a result, many brands are taking steps such as utilizing sustainable or recycled materials, minimizing packaging, and adopting green delivery options. As a mom looking to elevate your style, this means more brands than ever are giving you access to accessories that boost both fashion and sustainability.

More importantly, a lot of these brands can be found on Amazon. Which means they still qualify for prime (and you can save money by minimizing packaging), and you’re still supporting their business on a larger platform.

Some popular sustainable brands on Amazon are: 

  • Aware: Amazon came out with an eco-conscious in-house brand and it’s everything you could ask for. From apparel for the whole family, household essentials, and things you use around the home. It’s the perfect lazy girl eco-conscious move. 
  • Fair Indigo: Not only does Fair Indigo care about sustainable products from the material tot he dye, but they also care about the people. They provide fair working conditions for their employees and a living wage and they help support schools and communities where their clothing is made. 
  • prAna: An Orlando Mom favorite sustainable brand is prAna. It’s American-made from California and they just get it! They know how to make clothing that is both sustainable and comfortable. Perfect for any mom (and family) for those days that you just ant to lounge around or for when you driving around town for the kids’ extracurriculars. 

It’s always important to do your due diligence when buying from sustainable brands. Some businesses practice greenwashing, which involves marketing using green-sounding phrases and visuals while not being sustainable. Do a little research into each brand. Look at what materials they use and whether their packaging is made from recycled products. Often, honest brands are transparent about what they do and what improvements they’re making.

Eco-friendly shopping online and local jewelry

Jewelry is one of the accessory mainstays of any stylish wardrobe. It’s available in a wide range of prices and aesthetics, which means that you can usually gather a collection of these items to switch out with each outfit or experiment with. It’s important to remember that your approach to purchasing these items can affect how sustainable your outfit is.

One option is to seek out online jewelry vendors. It can be worth looking out for those that provide access to wholesale suppliers with options for sustainable materials, such as bamboo earrings. This means you can order larger volumes that ship in single packages. It can be more sustainable than multiple deliveries of single items, as this produces fewer emissions. 

When shopping online, looking for independent and handmade sellers on sites such as Etsy or looking at Amazon’s Climate Pledge option is essential. Amazon even as the small business option. Many of the stores are geared toward sustainable materials and practices and advertise their commitment clearly on their pages. You can usually rest assured that these products aren’t made by environmentally damaging mass-production processes.

It’s also vital to drop into your local brick-and-mortar jewelry stores run by small business owners. This is particularly sustainable if the products are made either by the store owner or local artists. From an ecological perspective, there’s less likelihood of their products having been subject to cross-country transportation and harmful production practices than big box stores. You’re also supporting local business owners, which helps to sustain your local economy.

Using thrift stores

Thrifting has become one of the key trends for getting sustainable fashion accessories. Florida has a traveling Vintage Market and it comes to Orlando every few weeks. And there are many great thrift stores in downtown Orlando. This shouldn’t be that surprising, as there are some fantastic benefits to thrifting, which include:

  • It’s cost-effective: Like many moms, you may be on a strict fashion budget. You don’t pay close to full price on most thrifted items as they’re used. This can also open you up to some great vintage accessories at affordable prices.
  • It minimizes waste colonialism: Much of the second-hand clothing shipped to countries like Ghana as part of the second-hand trade winds up in landfills. Thrift stores providing accessories to moms like you means that used items will be worn rather than contributing to excessive environmental waste.
  • It offers creative opportunities: You don’t just have to use thrifted accessories as you find them. You can apply your creative ideas to them and experiment with or rediscover your personal style as a mom without breaking the bank. Upcycle thrifted scarves with decorative embroidery or transform old clothing into fresh tote bags.

Great thrifting is an art in itself. It’s worth getting some inspiration online from sites such as Pinterest to have some looks to aim for that drive your accessory shopping. Remember, though, that genuinely impactful thrifting is a two-way street. Rather than simply adding to your closet, consider donating older accessories and items you or your kids are no longer using. This helps you keep a minimal wardrobe and extends the positive impact your thrifting activities have.

Eco-friendly shopping can elevate your style while caring for our planet. Whether you buy from green brands or thrift, taking a little extra time to consider how it’s produced and the consequences of manufacturing helps you make more informed decisions. This is also something you can involve your kids in. By allowing them to identify green practices now, you’re empowering them to grow into stylish and responsible adults.


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