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If I have not convinced you to pick up any book by Kay Cove before now, I’m making another pitch. This series is literally everything good and wonderful – amazing books like these are why reading will forever be my favorite past time. I have never been so very sad to say goodbye to a fictional town, family or friend group as I am now saying goodbye to these girls. You’ve heard me sing Kay’s praises before, and I am not about to stop.

First Comes Forever book cover via Amazon - purple cover with high heels, heart with baby feet inside, camera, bottle, coffee cup and ferris wheel behind words 'first comes forever kay cove'
First Comes Forever book cover via Amazon

The Real Life, Real Love series (previously the Love, Me and the 303) follows a group of 5 women who are truly #friendshipgoals. Each story is full of real life problems that Kay tackles with the delicacy and joy that each needs. We read the first in the series, Paint Me Perfect, last month for book club and I think we all fell in love with Noa and Chase.

First Comes Forever is the fifth and final book of this series. Adam and Amani’s story has been teased through the first four books and finally getting their story was everything I hoped for. I was so honored that Kay let me get my hands on this book well before it’s April 19th release day. I ignored all responsibility and read every second I had free, this book was addicting. You can read this one as a standalone, but reading the others only makes you realize what a master Kay is because she’s been dropping hints about this book since the first pages of Paint Me Perfect.

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Like her other books, this one comes with some big trigger warnings. Amani is traveling the road of infertility before she and Adam get together. Her road to motherhood is full of bumps, ups and really low lows. Kay handles Amani’s story with such tender grace, but if you yourself are struggling with your own fertility, please protect your mental health and wait to read this one. Amani is an influencer who is dealing with burnout from having such a public life and her mental health struggles as a result of online bullying. This is a prevalent topic that is woven through most of the book. Adam also has an ex-wife whose departure from his life has left some long standing impacts on who he is as a person. He has to face these scars head on before he can be all in with Amani.

So grab your closest box of tissues (I promise you’ll need them) and settle into your favorite reading spot to cuddle up with First Comes Forever.

First Comes Forever Summary:

Amani is questioning everything in her life. Her job as an influencer is negatively impacting her mental health and she’s questioning why she is still living in LA with all of her girlfriends living in Denver. She has been pursing IUI to have a baby but after many failed rounds, her doctor is not optimistic at her chances of IVF working. And to top it all off, she learns that she is unable to renew her apartment lease. Her subsequent breakdown is seen by Adam, a talent agent who has wanted to take Amani on as a client (and is her best friend’s fake boyfriend’s agent) and maybe take her out on a date or two. He offers his apartment in her rental community as a temporary place for her to crash until she makes a decision about where she is going and where she wants to live. As their friendship grows, she confides in him her desire to have a baby and the tough road she has traveled. Adam offers to pay for her IVF in exchange for being considered an uncle for the baby. Neither of them are in a position to promise anything more than a summer fling, so they agree to a no-strings attached relationship. But when their summer journey comes to a heartbreaking ending, can they both face their own demons and turn summer into forever?


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, 🌶️ 🌶️

Have I given a book infinite stars yet this year? I don’t think I have, but First Comes Forever deserves each and every star possible. I both couldn’t put it down and didn’t want it to be over. But before you start, make sure to have a box of tissues and then let me know when you’re done with the book so we can chat!

Favorite Quotes:

“This is the hug I’ve been waiting for. This is what I need.”

“If making Amani smile is the only thing I do today, I’ll still call that a day well spent.”

“My point is, it doesn’t bother when when you cry. It bothers me when you cry alone.”

“No, summer girl. I’m trying to be better than myself for you.”

“Well that does it. I’m your problem forever now.”

Grab your copy of First Comes Forever here: eBook


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