“First Day Ready” Checklist


Printable First Day Ready Checklist!

Summer, why do you always slip away so fast??? As we are {very} quickly approaching the start of the school year, we’ve put together a First Day Ready Checklist to help us get back into the swing of things.

With #3 starting Kindergarten and because we have a whole new routine that we need to get accustomed to, I created a great little checklist to help us be “First Day Ready” (maybe this will help us start to implement our new routine from day one!)

For Moms Sanity:

✔ Make lunch, pack a snack and a water bottle.
Don’t forget to include a first day Love note!
💡Pro Tip: Label the inside of the lunchbox and sharpie your child’s name on the bottom of the water bottle (we’ve lost our fair share over the years!)

✔ Lay out clothes (down to the socks-avoid the sock battle!)
💡Pro Tip: Include a light jacket & an extra pair of clothes in their backpack for the new Kindergartners just in case they get cold in class or need a change of clothes.

✔ Make sure everything is labeled
💡Pro Tip: Child Safety experts suggest that we don’t label with kids names on the outside/visible area of their backpacks!

To Make it Less Stressful for the Littles:

✔ Make sure backpack is packed and ready to go (except the lunch obvs) with shoes by the door.

✔Set alarm clock ⏰

✔Pre-pick and agree on a healthy breakfast (we love avocado toast and some fruit!)

Just for Fun:

✔Order or make “first day of school sign”
I got mine through the Purpose Project & Co. for $10- every purchase helps to support the development of Baby OK!

✔Set up homework station!💡Ideas: Have pencils, paper, scissors, glue, crayons etc. all in one spot and ready for homework!

✔Have healthy after school snacks readily available💡Ideas: Hummus, PB, fruit, & pretzels are easy go-to’s!

✔Create a morning checklist board so the littles know what to do and in what order (empower them!)💡Ideas: Brush teeth, get dressed, make bed, eat breakfast, put shoes on, and grab lunch are super easy for little ones!

✔Read a special bedtime story

Print out our handy little checklist to help you get “First Day Ready”!

Are you doing anything special for their first day? Leave me your best “First Day Ready” tips in the comments!

First Day Ready Checklist


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