Orlando Mom Collective was gifted a two-night stay at the Marriot Orlando World Center and I, Snack Bitch (aka Kattie), got to represent them. I was also able to invite my teen daughter for a much overdue girls weekend. Here is my journal entry….I mean itinerary of all the fun things we did. 

Girls weekend kickoff with a spooktastic and explosive surprise

My daughter and I arrived just in time to check in and receive our room keys and hotel packet. Let me preface the rest of this article by saying I’m no influencer; I just pretend to be one, influencing my own kids. Nonetheless, I was excited like a 5-year-old heading to Disney for the first time, except better, because during our stay, we were treated to free drinks.

Once settled into our room and after browsing through the PR packet, we rushed to the lobby to join the rest of the influencer fam for a private tour and a surprise experience.

Our tour took us to a conference room with stunning views of the pools, waterpark, and part of the golf course, Hawks Landing. To our amazement, what seemed like an encouraging, oversized portrait turned out to be the entrance to a spooky speakeasy at Marriott Orlando World Center. 

This year, they are hosting a “Spookeasy” event October 21st and October 28th, perfect for reserving for your party, even with kids, and experiencing this sneak peek (see below for more information). The spooktastic atmosphere set the perfect tone for our girls weekend.



In the evening, we were treated to a delightful Thanksgiving in July-inspired dinner on the patio of Falls Fireplace Patio. Turkey, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pasta, perfectly cooked meat, and Marriott’s signature drink, “The Pink Flamingo Drink,” made the dinner even more special. We enjoyed the sunset over the west-side pool, sipping our drinks, before the big surprise of the day.

Our group huddled into a glass-paneled elevator that offered breathtaking views of the entire Marriott property and Orlando. On the 28th floor, we stepped into an expansive suite with two primary bedrooms featuring en-suite bathrooms with bathtubs and bidets. The common area had a 12-person dining table and cozy lounges. The highlight was the outside patio, offering nearly 360-degree views and, most importantly, a front-row seat to the nightly Disney World fireworks show, capping off an unforgettable first day of our girls weekend.

From thrills to chills: Water park fun + critter adventures = A fun girls weekend

We wake up the next day and I realized I’m not accustomed to staying in such luxurious hotels and resorts. My daughter and I had hoped for breakfast in bed, but we learned that we needed to pre-order it the night before. Nevertheless, we were excited for early access to River Falls Water Park as part of the influencer fam.

We had the privilege to bring our phones and/or cameras on the slides since we had early access. My daughter, always the mischievous one, convinced me to try the scariest ride first (Bommerang). If there were a screaming contest, I would’ve won. We then tried the other two slides (Aquasphere and Tailspin). 

After the water slides, we relaxed in their mini lazy river before the crowds arrived. The fantastic and hilarious lifeguards added to the fun. 

Our next adventure was a private presentation at Gatorland, led by the entertaining host, Daniel, reminiscent of Disney World’s Jungle Cruise captains. We had the chance to carry a snake, which I promptly returned when it started hissing at me. Later, we bravely held a two-year-old gator, an experience that taught me a lot about myself — I’m willing to do the scary stuff but will laugh nervously through it.




Lunch took place in a conference room overlooking the 18th hole of Hawks Landing, a par 3 island. We witnessed amusing moments of amateur golfers losing their balls in the water. The Marriott once again impressed us with their delicious summer menu, offering burgers, hot dogs, coleslaw salad, chili with beans, and an array of delectable desserts.

The day continued with relaxation at the pool, where I enjoyed the sun with a good book and a drink. I then learned about the need for reservations at the on-site restaurants. Fortunately, Chantelle, the Senior Marketing Manager at the Marriot Orlando World Center, overheard my dilemma and helped secure a reservation at Mikado, the Japanese steakhouse.

The dinner at Mikado was a culinary delight! I indulged in their mouthwatering hibachi while sipping a tequila-based drink that was perfection.

After dinner, we rushed to the pool for early access to the Glow Party with the mermaids, which turned out to be my favorite activation of the weekend. The mermaids were enchanting, and seeing how they inspired the little girls was heartwarming.

Back in our room, the 52-inch TV provided the perfect end to an eventful day. Sleeping on their cloud-like pillows, mattress, and duvet cover felt like a dream.

Breakfast bliss and a flamingo farewell: Our last day at the Marriot Orlando World Center

Our last day was just as eventful as the previous two, but sadly cut short. We had the luxury of sleeping in until 9:15 am before joining everyone for breakfast at Latitude & Longitude. As a breakfast lover, I savored the buffet-style spread, including a variety of baked goods, eggs, waffles, pancakes, smoked salmon, fruits, and divine black coffee.

During breakfast, Mingo the flamingo, Marriott Orlando World Center’s mascot, joined us for pictures, adding a pink-tastic touch to our farewell.

After breakfast, my daughter and I spent time at the arcade, enjoying the games and having fun before departing.

Before leaving, we ensured we didn’t leave anything behind in our hotel room and collected the goodies they gifted us, including a MER-tastic waterproof overnight bag with surprises inside.

The entire experience at Marriott Orlando World Center was truly the BEST for our girls weekend — memorable staff, exciting activations, relaxing poolside, and of course, the delightful Florida sun (and a little rain).

For anyone in Orlando or visiting, I highly recommend a trip to Marriott Orlando World Center, especially for the unforgettable Memorial Day and July 4 fireworks shows. It’s the perfect place for a break from Disney while still being close enough to hop on a shuttle bus and experience an extraordinary girls weekend.


Information about the Spookeasy: The Marriott Orlando World Center will be hosting a Spookeasy on October 21 and October 28. It costs $25 for adults and $10 for kids. You need to call (407) 236 – 8667 to reserve your slot.
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