GIVEAWAY Unique Father’s Day Gifts for that One-in-a-Million Dad


Too often I scramble for a Father’s Day gift that can make it to my door in the nick of time with 2 day shipping. You, too? This year, I challenge you and me both to achieve a little more breathing room. I’ve found a treasure trove of rare items sure to make your favorite father feel very special indeed. But some of these items can take 4 weeks to arrive, so the time to shop is now. It’s all that will save us from mediocrity in June! 

Scotch on Rocks has curated an inspired collection of must-have items for confident men. This site was founded by a few lifelong friends (including a Central Florida mom) with a keen eye for what’s trending but stays on the fringes of mainstream. This stuff is so cool that everyone wants it, but so unique that no one has it. I dug through the treasure chest and am linking you straight to inspiration. Not only that, but Orlando Moms Blog readers will get an extra 10% off their total order using the code OMB2018, good through May 31st, 2018!​​

Don’t let the name fool you. This isn’t a site about drinks! They have fashion, grooming and lifestyle offerings that will knock your socks off, and we’ll get to those. Having said that, it isn’t a site NOT about drinks either, so let’s start there

Bar accessories

What’s a classically confident guy without a drink in his hand? Whether it really is scotch on rocks or just a cold ginger beer, every guy likes to kick back with a cold one and look cool standing at a party. Hands down, my favorite is the Bulletproof Whisky Glass. I love the illusion of it. Or just toss some chilled “bullets” right in the glass! And if you think Dad won’t love whipping around this butterfly knife-style bottle opener, you are out of your ever lovin’ mind. With a bar kit and these shot glass ice molds, he’ll be the neighborhood’s favorite bartender in no time!

GIVEAWAY Unique Father's Day Gifts for that One-in-a-Million Dad

Men’s Grooming

Everyone has to keep up appearances. Grooming is a daily part of life for all of us. Well…not for my teenagers, apparently, but I digress. Guys deserve “me time”, too. Help him recharge his batteries and feel his best with grooming tools and accessories that are the manly equivalent of a bubble bath.

10 years ago, my husband decided he wanted to shave old school and began researching vintage razors and shaving techniques. My mother still owned her grandfather’s shaving mug and brush, which she gave to my husband for his 30th birthday. There’s something so masculine and appealing, watching your guy hone a long-lost art like this. I love the sounds and smells of him whipping up an earthy lather, and ending up with a smoother shave than you get from those grocery store disposables. These sets are functional and make a rather classy statement sitting on your bathroom counter. Keep reading for your chance to win the dad in your life his very own set!

If you don’t think he’s ready to go all Sweeney Todd just yet, how about a macho bar of soap that he doesn’t have to share with you?  If your guy doesn’t shave at all, consider a shaping toolbeard oil (in 6 manly scents!), or mustache wax

GIVEAWAY Unique Father's Day Gifts for that One-in-a-Million Dad
Enter to win this shave kit below!

Living Essentials

There are few statement pieces quite like this faux horn mug. My son bought a similar item in Grand Turk recently. In a foreign land, the horn mug called like a siren song to my boy. Men are boys, just with better toys. Speak to his inner child and that little bit of Viking in him. The sheath being used as a stand is sheer genius. Because let’s face it, no one is going to use a mug they have to lay down, even if it is leak-proof.

GIVEAWAY Unique Father's Day Gifts for that One-in-a-Million Dad

There is something inherently satisfying in the click of a keyboard. And while some may be searching for the next click-less, surface-less keyboard, there is just no replacing the old-fashioned click of a typewriter to really make you feel productive. Still, it’s got all the bells and whistles to meet modern demands. If your guy is a writer – for business or pleasure – he needs this in his life.

Married a music man? This must-have toy turns any credit card, hotel room key, or other plastic card into a guitar pick with a simple squeeze. Guitarists (both talented and aspiring) will enjoy making dozens of new options for playing with different thickness, firmness and artwork. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!


You know that feeling you get when someone compliments your favorite shoes, or notices your funky new piece of jewelry? Give Dad that feeling this year! Standing out is fun, and getting noticed makes anyone stand a little taller. My husband wore his cork bowtie to dinner on a cruise recently, and the waiter stopped in his tracks to ask about it. He’d never seen one like it. A crew member who sees literally thousands of new people every week has never seen a tie like this. That’s saying something. So get him something that goes beyond unique this year. Procure him something rare.​

Your guy doesn’t have to be a particular “type” to find a great fit here. They’ve got everything from beanies to pocketwatches, from ascots to newsboy caps. The watches are downright drool-worthy. My husband is mildly obsessed with finding unique timepieces, and this site has it covered.

GIVEAWAY Unique Father's Day Gifts for that One-in-a-Million Dad

With gifts as low as $3.95, Scotch on Rocks really is for everyone. Whether you’re a biker or a professor, it’s not hard to hit that $50 goal for free shipping. But remember, you have to tackle it now. Don’t settle for the ordinary simply because you don’t have 4 weeks to wait for the exceptional to arrive. Planning ahead is going to save Father’s Day, and Orlando Moms Blog is going to help you save 10% doing it! Jot down promo code OMB2018, and go find him something more than a little interesting.


We’re also giving one lucky reader a free shave kit from KC Shave Co., complete with razor, brush, stand and soap. To enter, you can like our Facebook post, and then LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW, and share why you’d love to win the shave kit for yourself, or for your man!  


I have received compensation for writing this post, but had already owned several of their signature items. My son has learned to pick locks (but that’s for another post). My daughter has claimed dad’s sunglasses as her own. And you’ve already heard about the cork bowtie. I’m proud to be partnering with Scotch on Rocks to bring you the discount code and giveaway, and I hope you snag something truly memorable for Father’s Day. I’m certain it will be worth the wait.


  1. My husband takes care of us 24/7 and never has time to himself. It would be nice to treat him to a bit of pampering.

  2. What unique gift ideas! My husband is the most selfless man I’ve ever met. He works 24 hour shifts as a fireman, but comes home ready to work still. He cooks, he cleans, he raised our two beautiful daughters as a single dad, and now we’re preparing for two more, arriving in July! We agreed on no gifts for Mother’s and Father’s Day, but this would be a nice little surprise for a man who has earned some pampering many times over!

  3. Love these gift ideas! My sweet man is incredible. He works so hard and his love for us is like no other. We’ve got a little one on the way nothing feels greater than a supporative hubs. So thankful for him and would love to shower him with this on Fathers Day!

  4. I would love to win this for my husband, he works so hard and goes to school so that we can have a better life. What an amazing father and husband he is. I would love to win this for him ❤️❤️


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