Orlando is chock full of great parks and I’m not talking about theme parks! I polled some of our readers and personal friends and asked them to give me the details on some of their favorite parks in Central Florida. As a result, here’s my list of park favorites around Central Florida.

Maitland Community Park

Maitland Community Park is a personal family favorite. We love that it’s shady with tree cover over parts of the playground. There is an open field next to the “big kid” playground and a smaller playground for younger kids that’s set a big away so the littles don’t get run over by the rowdy big kids. It also has a number of pavilions, perfect for birthday parties, tennis courts and a walking trail.

Community Playground- Winter Park

If you ask someone to meet you at “Community Playground” you may get some blank stares. Mention, “Castle Park” and people will be more likely to know which park you are referring to. The nickname comes from the big, wooden, castle-shaped playground. Kids love climbing all through the castle. You can also swing and slide or rent out the pavilion for parties. This is an all around great park. 

Ward Park

Ward Park made the list for many reasons, one being, the huge playground and another, the big open field for running. It’s close to the sports fields and a large trail that’s a favorite for runners and walkers. But one of the most noteworthy, this park and playground are wheelchair accessible and built with our special needs community in mind. This is a park everyone can enjoy.

Phelps Park Playground

In addition to some of the others, Phelps Park is another shady park perfect for our hot Florida days. It includes, two playgrounds to choose from, keeping kids entertained for hours. A big grassy field nearby is perfect for running, soccer, picnics and pavilions are available for party rentals. 

Langford Park

Langford Park is just across the street from Dickson Azalea Park, this is a 2-4-1 park deal and the location for some of my favorite family photos. It’s a great place for picnics and it also has a playground and gazebo. Head over to Dickson Azalea Park and explore the fun little nooks and the surprisingly, whimsical atmosphere.

Lake Eola

Lake Eola was one of the most popular recommendation and gets a vote for many reasons by Orlando residents who are avoiding the theme parks. Not only does it have a great playground, you have the option to stroll around the lake. It’s great proximity to food options within walking distance. Grab lunch and bring it down by the lake for a picnic or walk around and take a look at the swans. But remember to keep your distance, the swans can get grumpy. 

George Bailey Park

Covered playgrounds are a must during summer which is why George Bailey Park is yet another great park option. It has a fully covered playground and located near the baseball fields in Winter Garden which gives you multiple outdoor options. 

Wooten Park

Wooten Park is the official wild card pick. It was a recommendation from a friend and it’s now my new “must see” park. A little bit of a trek for some parts of Orlando however, the description of the park seems totally worth the trip. With a shady playground that has a chime installation for those kiddos who love music or making noise (that’s pretty much every kid), a splash pad, the train nearby and a view of the seaplanes taking off and landing, this park is a winner! I mean, the planes alone would win my kids over. Pavilions are available for rent and food locations are within walking distance. 

I can’t wait to get my kids out to explore some parks we haven’t seen, maybe we can sneak in a new park this weekend or revisit some favorites and enjoy the incredible weather. If I missed any of your family favorites, let me know in the comments below! My kids would love to explore some new parks. 

Even more parks in Central Florida from other Orlando Mom Contributors

Below are some links to posts from other Orlando Mom Contributors, listing parks in other parts of Central Florida! We hope you discover a park near you!

Perfect parks for mom meetups

 Now’s the perfect time to meet up with your mom friends for a stroller walk in the cooler weather and lunch date outside. Here are some of my fave spots for “stroller dates” in the metro Orlando area:

Trimble Park

If the great outdoors isn’t really your thing, but you want your children to grow up with a better relationship with Mother Nature than you have, then Trimble Park, a 40-minute-trip from downtown Orlando is the perfect spot to test their meddle. 

4 Family Friendly Hiking Trails

While I realize there are way more than 4 trails in Central Florida, these were the ones that my family and I have had a chance to hike, which my 2 year old really enjoyed.

Bomberos Field Park

Meet a brand-new inclusive playground that’s wheelchair accessible and has play toys situated low to the ground so that it can accommodate children of all abilities.

Grand Avenue Park

The fenced-in playground, situated within a sprawling12-acre park, has three sections of play sets, including two large areas geared for toddlers, obstacles for expert climbers and a musical section.

Merrill Park, Altamonte Springs

Half of this playground has been given a recent facelift with the rest to follow suit soon. New additions include a climbing gym and slides for kids ages 8-12.

Boston Hill Park, Oviedo

For kids who prefer a smaller play space, here’s a quaint spot next to downtown Oviedo. The shady locale has a fish-shaped tunnel, slides & vibrantly colored climbing structures.

Heroes Community Park, Orlando

The large, covered play area has multiple obstacles for climbing & includes a vertical spider web and toddler play area.

Lake Lotus Park, Altamonte Springs

This beautiful nature preserve has expanded its play structures and there’s a new nature-themed playground aimed at older children.

Westmonte Park, Altamonte Springs

Thanks to two separate play spaces set for different age groups, this spot is perfect for all families. There’s even a cargo net play structure, offering an obstacle course vibe.

Gilbert McQueen Park, Orlando

The kaleidoscope of colors & bright design are as fun as the actual play structures, like climbing walls, slides & a seesaw.

Westmonte Park, Altamonte Springs

Thanks to two separate play spaces set for different age groups, this spot is perfect for all families. There’s even a cargo net play structure, offering an obstacle course vibe.

Orange and Seminole County

Teaming up with some of my other mommy friends, we visited several parks in Orange and Seminole county.  We agreed on the three that we liked the most 


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