A Florida native, Chenoa is originally from Miami but has been living in Maitland for 22 years with a short 2-year break where she lived in (and fell in love with) Raleigh, NC. She's part "adopted Southern charm" with a streak of feisty Miami girl! She's Mom to two strong-willed, preemie babies, a 25 weeker and a 35 weeker, who now are thriving big kids (6yr old girl and 3yr old boy). They have led to a hot mess parenting style that's fueled by coffee to get through the day and wine to try and soothe the nerves at night. She's married to her college sweetheart who she met at the University of Central Florida (GO KNIGHTS) while studying English-Creative Writing and the fine art of Greek life. She's a DIY junkie who loves Fixer Upper (of course), loves reading, cooking and writing. When out and about with her husband, sans kids, she loves eating at new local places around Winter Park, enjoying coffee from a favorite local coffee shop or enjoying a date night at Eden Bar in Maitland. Her adventures through motherhood have included recently transitioning from full-time working Mom to stay-at-home Mom, raising a sassy, hilarious little girl and helping her silly little guy navigate some developmental delays that have challenged her to slow down and let him guide her way. She hasn't lost hope that she can control all the things that parenting brings and her kids haven't given up trying to prove her wrong. Her husband is the Helicopter Parent to her Free Range which is the perfect topping to the chaos of everyday life! She frequents social media and uses her Instagram to document the fleeting moments of "put-togetherness" that occasionally happen by accident...sometimes.
kids eat out

Family Friendly Restaurants: Central Florida

In my house, eating is kind of a big deal. We frequent some favorite family-friendly restaurants around Central Florida and I reached out to friends to find out their favorites too. Here at Orlando...

Dear Young Millennial Mom, Don’t Sweat Gen Z

Dear Young Millennial Mom, I think we've all heard by now about the side parts and skinny jeans commentary. For you young mamas with twos still in front of your age or low threes, Gen Z...

DIY Laundry Room Makeover

If you follow our Instagram takeovers on Orlando Moms Collective's Instagram, you might remember I'm a sucker for a DIY project. My house is an ongoing renovation, fixer upper, DIY project, and I recently...

Quit Hating on the Elf

Originally posted December 2018, updated December 2020 Full swing, it's Elf on the Shelf season, aka the Holidays. The usual vibe leans towards copious amounts of Pinterest worthy Elf posts. However, this year the vibe...

AdventHealth NICU Mama

NICU Mama isn’t typically on the list of things you expect while you are expecting, unless you are a veteran NICU Mama. After our first-born baby girl made her grand entrance at a mere...

Raising Your Child’s Resiliency Quotient During Covid

Raising your child’s resiliency quotient during Covid may be one of the most important things we do while parenting this next generation. I think there is an assumption that children are just naturally resilient...

We’re Leaving Public School

We're leaving public school, moving to homeschooling for the upcoming year and we are devastated. It's taken weeks, pro/con lists and tears to come to this decision. I also know I'm not alone trudging through...

I’m Excited to (Un) Homeschool

I am so excited to homeschool during this quarantine. I know, I may be very much in the minority here but hear me out before you start throwing stuff at me. I think this...

I See You, Mama

The loneliness and heaviness of Motherhood can sink in when you least suspect it. I recently had conversations with some mom friends. The conversations took place on separate days and the friends were in different...

Summer is HERE! Entertaining Kids On A Budget

Summer is HERE! One would hope that with the "end of the school year" hectic pace coming to a halt, we can sit back and sip some lemonade. Right?! Wrong! Reality knocks you on your...

Easy Zero Waste Changes for Busy Families

Zero waste is one of those 2019 buzzwords that actually grabbed my attention. I spent a significant time in my youth focusing on "going green" and wanting to save the planet. I even had...

Tidying Up Kids Paper Marie Kondo Style

Just like most Netflix addicts, I was hooked on Tidying Up at the beginning of January and moved from room to room decluttering. I tossed clothes and things and then everything came to a...

Destress Your Morning School Routine

Let's talk about the morning crush. It's that time between wake up and leaving for school when someone ends up yelling, someone ends up crying and some forgets something essential (sometimes it's all the...

The Instant Pot Did NOT Change My Life

Just like many of you, I got the Instant Pot for Christmas. I had visions of grandeur dancing in my head about how dinner prep would be changed forever. I gave it some time...

Guide to Central Florida Area Parks

Orlando is chock full of great parks and I'm not talking about theme parks! I polled some of our readers and personal friends and asked them to give me the details on some of their...

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