Halloween made easy with Goodwill


Doesn’t it seems like Halloween is strung out and lasts WAY longer than when we were kids?! I was blown away to see my friends on Facebook post about costume parades…. on SEPTEMBER 30!!! I mean, it wasn’t even October yet!

Because we are celebrating this dress-up holiday ALL MONTH LONG, inevitably we need multiple costumes! Which could easily break the bank if we let it! So this year we stopped by our local Goodwill to see if they had costumes for the kids to wear. 

It’s easy to say that we were thrilled with the selection!


We were pleasantly surprised to see that the quality of the costumes were VERY GOOD and the kids found a couple costumes each! Are you already finished with some of the costumes? Or perhaps you have some old costumes from years past? Donate them to your local Goodwill! 

ABOUT #GoodwillHalloween

  • Halloween costumes usually only make it out of the closet once, so why not find a low-cost costume and help local job seekers in the process?
  • When you shop at or donate to Goodwill, you help keep items out of landfills and help people find jobs. Goodwill sells donations in its stores to help fund programs that help people build their careers, earn paychecks and care for their families. 

Donations (and shopping!) equal jobs … and jobs change lives!

  • Donating and shopping at Goodwill funds job training and placement programs that help Central Floridians with barriers to employment. This includes people who have disabilities, those with limited work history, military veterans transitioning to civilian jobs and others. In 2015, Goodwill served about 42,000 people in its Job Connection Centers across Central Florida!
  • With convenient drop-off sites and dozens of stores in neighborhoods near you, it’s easy to make a donation … and to make a lasting impact in your community. To find a location near you, visit www.goodwillcfl.org.



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