Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex was transformed into a holiday wonderland this month! Holidays in Space is fun for the whole family, but it is only for a very limited time!

life sized nutcracker in space suitHolidays in Space presented by PEPSIยฎ runs from December 15 to December 30 and features the popular, out-of-this-world nighttime projection mapping show โ€“ Starflakeโ€™s Holiday Voyage โ€“ on the outside of the Gateway: The Deep Space Launch Complexยฎ, as well as brand-new seasonal dรฉcor.

Our favorite parts of this new Holidays in Space experience:

  • The Rocket Tree Trail (we love Christmas Trees)
  • Hyperdeck Mission Moon (the BEST!) kids of all ages can enjoy this! Anderson is 6 and he LOVED it!

Here is an itinerary to help you make the most of your Holidays in Space experience!

8:45 a.m. Arrive at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Take photos with the KSC meatball as a holiday ornament

NASA meatball as an ornament

9 a.m. Enter Gateway: The Deep Space Launch Complexยฎ

Gateway focuses on the present and future of collaborative space exploration, giving you the opportunity to experience the interstellar travel of tomorrow while celebrating what is happening right now within the space program. *NEW* Blue Origin New Shepard crew capsule VR experience (Scan QR code onsite to reserve).

9:30 a.m. Embark on Spaceport KSC

Step into Spaceport KSC to experience space travel of the future and take a journey to Uncharted Worlds lightyears away. Located upstairs in Gateway. There are FOUR different rides to choose from, our boys love all 4, so we make it a point to hang out there a while so that they get to do them all. Think of EPCOT’S Soarin….it reminds me of that in a way.

11 a.m. Rocket Garden

Walk among giants to see rockets from NASAโ€™s Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs and see the 50โ€™ foot tree illuminating the Rocket Garden and Gateway with more than 61,000 twinkle lights!

giant chistmas tree

11:30 a.m. Heroes & Legends featuring the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fameยฎ

Relive the thrills and dangers of Americaโ€™s earliest space missions!

12 p.m. Bus Transportation to Apollo/Saturn V Center

The Apollo/Saturn V Center pays homage to the people and machines that made the improbable possible. Stand in amazement under the gigantic Saturn V, the largest rocket ever flown.

1 p.m. Enjoy lunch at the Moon Rock Cafe

2 p.m. Bus Transportation back to Main Visitor Complex

2:30 p.m. Space Shuttle Atlantisยฎ and Shuttle Launch Experienceยฎ

Shuttle Launch Experience ride is located on the bottom floor, the line is always long, so be prepared for that.

3:30 p.m. Go down the giant slide in the Space Shuttle Atlantisยฎ building, explore and learn about the rockets and interactive games, crawl through the tunnel that soars above the space.

giant slide at KSC

4 p.m. Explore the other experiences:

Hyperdeck Mission

  • *NEW* Hyperdeck Misson Moon (Located in the IMAXยฎ Theater) you have to scan the QR code onsite to reserve your spot. It’s an all-new interactive, virtual reality experience that transports you to a mission on the Moon.

the mars rover as rudolph

  • Get in on the cute photo ops all over the Complex
  • Enjoy putt putt and cornhole

rocket tree trail

  • Explore the new Rocket Tree Trail

rocket tree trail

6:50 p.m. Starflakeโ€™s Holiday Voyage Light Show

7 p.m. Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Closes

We hope you get to enjoy Holidays in Space! We love going to KSC!

Join us for an INDOOR Egg Hunt!
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