If I had to pick one donut

What am I saying? I could never pick just one.

This is either my least controversial post or my most controversial post to date. And that’s scary.

I spent the better part of a day driving from St. Cloud to Winter Park, tasting doughnuts (donuts?) from some amazing bakeries. I have a headache, my stomach hurts, and I need a nap. But I digress. #worthit

The gals over here at Orlando Mom Collective like to discuss topics to write about from time to time. We remind each other of upcoming holidays, both big and small, as a way to get the creative juices flowing. This past week, when National Donut Day was brought up, we laughed and joked about writing something deliciously delightful about the major holiday. I took one for the team gleefully responded that I would write about the cushiony confections. And that’s where my quest began.

I began my quest to discover Orlando’s donut shops. I quickly did some research, polled Facebook friends, asked trusted foodies, and the results were in. I mapped my journey and Wednesday morning, my trek commenced.

This is long, so doughn’t let your eyes glaze over. And donut give up! 😉

I’m not going to sugarcoat this either.

And please, donut judge me for my taste in food.

Disclaimer: I am not a food critic. I am a normal mom whose taste buds may be skewed by one too many bowls of macaroni and cheese. You may disagree with my results, and that’s OK. Keep on moving. Because I am not the end-all be-all of doughnut reviews. 

And we’re all nuts for doughnuts (or is it donuts?)! Who has YOUR favorite donut? Tell us in the comments!

Best Glazed Doughnut 

Donut King  3716 Howell Branch Ct., Winter Park open 5a-9p

This was hard. Because glazed is my go-to. She’s my girl. It should be light and fluffy, sweet with a bit of crispness in the glaze, and not so filling that I regret my life choices after I eat it. When I bit into Donut King’s glazed doughnut, my heart fluttered. My knees were weak. I knew, in my heart of hearts, that I had found “the one.” If you want a glazed doughnut that goes perfectly with your morning coffee, this is it. With a hint of vanilla that made me swoon, this glazed goody checked all the boxes and then some.

Donut King doughnuts start at $1.09 each / $8.99 a dozen

Best Boston Cream

Sip N Dip   1001 13th Street, St. Cloud open 5a-10p

Boston Cream was my most favorite thing ever growing up. If I was given an option at a doughnut shop, that’s what I chose. The filling did it for me. But that’s who I am – I reach for heavy cream over skim milk, I want full-fat ice cream, I choose creamy pasta sauce over red sauce. GIVE ME ALL THE CREAM! So when I went to Sip N Dip, my eyes went directly to their perfectly shaped, smooth chocolate-covered, creamy-filled Boston Cream. The texture was perfect, the cream was wonderful, and the chocolate was present but not overpowering. Because like I said, I’m here for the cream. This treat would be satisfactory for breakfast, lunch, or a snack in-between. The owner told me that they sell out quick! I’m glad I made it there in time to nab one.

Sip N Dip doughnuts are $1.07 each / $10.69 a dozen

Most Unique Selections

Bakery Plus   915 E Michigan St, Orlando open 6a-4p

Bakery Plus had some amazing flavor selections! I was blown away by the options they had; Nutella filled, Fruity Pebbles, three varieties of frosted with sprinkles, Chocolate Honey Dipped (oh wow that’s a good one) and many more. We had a hard time picking extras to try. (When I say “we,” I mean me and my kids. And doing this voyage with littles is not for the faint of heart…) If you don’t know what you’re in the mood for, this could be the place to go. The staff was friendly and helpful and the bakery has an old school diner feel to it.

There’s even a drive through! I really enjoyed this shop for all that it had to offer.

Bakery Plus doughnuts are $.80 – $1.95 each / $7.50 baker’s dozen

Best Cake Doughnut

Donut King

I know DK already won Best Glazed. And to be totally honest, they were right there with Bakery Plus when it comes to flavor selection. They just know the doughnut. But let’s talk about this Chocolate Frosted Cake that I got. Holy moly. It was dense and soft. The frosting was firm, not gooey or tacky, but also not crisp. The cake was a nice break from the yeast-filled yummies that I had been munching on. I have always enjoyed the cake doughnut. They are my mom’s favorite and I tend to agree with her taste in food. She always appreciates the simplicity of a plain cake doughnut and a hot cup of coffee. This twist made it only more enjoyable.

Best Specialty Doughnut

Valhalla Bakery at Market on South   2603 East South Street, Orlando open 8a-12a (yes, 12a)

This shop was open for lunch when I went in and the food looked amazing. People much cooler than I were there enjoying the good eats and beer from the tap. Valhalla recently opened a bakery near UCF’s main campus but I was blissfully unaware of this fact as I gazed upon the goodies like a weirdo who had never been anywhere that wasn’t kid-centric. They had beautiful things to look at, both edible and non. They sell candles and skin care items that made me want to go full on crunchy. But I was on a mission, or at least that’s what I told my boys when they asked me why I was ogling. “What kind of mission?” “A mission for doughnuts, obviously.” After waiting in the semi-long line, it was my turn to order and I crazily peered at the selections. They all looked good. Nothing plain, all fabulous.

This is not the shop to go to for a cake doughnut and a coffee. This is the place for a Cookies N Scream and a milk stout. That’s what I did anyway. Well, except the milk stout. Because of kids. And it was 11a. But the 21 year old me would have gotten the beer!

This was definitely the coolest stop on my journey. I would love to take my husband here for lunch and enjoy the sunny patio.

**I have no idea how much I paid at this shop or how much each doughnut is because I was too awe-struck to pay attention. Just eat the food.

There are so many other amazing doughnut shops around town that I’m sure I missed. If you know of a place or two, drop the names in the comments so I can check them out. I mean, I won’t eat a doughnut again for a while. Well let’s be honest, I’m probably at a doughnut shop as you read this.

What are your thoughts on results? If you agree, yay! If you disagree, meh, who cares, it wasn’t too scientific. Ha ha. But I’d love to hear what you think either way. Because we’re all just trying to find the best stuff in this amazing town!

And we’re all nuts for doughnuts (or is it donuts?)! Who has YOUR favorite donut?


Revised June 2022



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