I’ve always been a cake and ice cream kind of gal but for some reason, I’ve been eating a lot of donuts lately. I’m super picky with donuts or any other type of dessert because I spend countless hours at the gym, so I can’t spend my calories on just anything!

Here you will find a list of places that offer great-tasting donuts, they are not in any specific order, I love them all!

Disclaimer: I am not a food critic. I am a normal mom whose taste buds may be skewed by one too many bowls of macaroni and cheese. You may disagree with my results, and that’s OK. Keep on moving. Because I am not the end-all-be-all of doughnut reviews. 

And we’re all nuts for doughnuts (or is it donuts?)! Who has YOUR favorite donut? Tell us in the comments!

Japanese Mochi Dochi 

1222 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32803
3201 Corrine Dr, Orlando, FL 32803

open box of donuts
Photo by contributor Frances Mendez

These are amazing! I still remember the first time I had one, I was in donut heaven. The Japanese mochi donut is a perfect balance between sweet and chewy while also being airy and crisp. Their bubbly shape makes them easy to share. Orlando has two locations and I’ve been to both. Aside from the fact the donuts are delicious on their own, Dochi offers a lot of unique flavors and they change weekly. It’s impossible for me to have a favorite flavor, but I love the Churro, Fruity Pebbles and the Cookies and Cream. Keep in mind that they close when they sell out, so don’t wait until the last minute to get there.

Paris Baguette

415 S Orlando Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789

screenshot of a donut menu with several donuts
Photo by contributor Frances Mendez

Paris Baguette is technically located in Winter Park but it’s so close to Orlando and I promise it’s worth the visit. The first time I went to one, it was in Northern Virginia and I was so excited when they finally opened one close to home. Not only do they offer different types of pastries, they also have mochi donuts (which are equally as good as Dochi but they don’t have as many flavors). But the reason why Paris Baguette is on this list is because they have this Bavarian cream filled “Cronut” (croissant donut) that is to die for. This flaky croissant donut will melt in your mouth.

Parlor Doughnuts

2912 Edgewater Dr, Orlando, FL 32804

open box of donuts
Photo by contributor Frances Mendez

They recently opened in Orlando and I’m so glad I stumbled upon this place. I don’t even know where to begin! Let’s start with the fact that they have “Keto Doughnuts”(not pictured). They are SO GOOD! Don’t get me wrong, their regular doughnuts are just as amazing, they are flaky and croissant-like. Parlor Doughnuts has such a big variety of flavors that it’s hard to only get one. You have to get at least 3 regular ones and 1 keto to try a few. You can’t go wrong with the blueberry one. I’ve been there quite a few times already and always end up eating 3 doughnuts, by myself!!

The Salty Donut

3025 Corrine Dr, Orlando, FL 32803

open box of doughnuts and donut holes
Photo by contributor Frances Mendez

I had been asking my friends about their favorite donut spot and a few recommended this place so I finally bit the bullet and went there. I was impressed by their small but unique variety. We ordered Butterbeer, Guava & Cheese, Strawberry Shortcake and the little donut holes. They were all amazing! I cut them all up into pieces so we could all try them, but I could only eat one and a half because they were very filling and very sweet. There was no way I could eat 3!

Scat Cat’s Club Cafe

2201 Orleans Dr, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

a mom with her two children smiling at the camera with two plates of very large doughnuts in front of them
Photo by contributor Frances Mendez

I know I said that this list wasn’t in any particular order but I think this is my all time favorite place. This Cafe is located inside of the Port Orleans Disney hotel. You don’t have to stay at the hotel to be able to enjoy these delicious “donuts”, which aren’t technically donuts, they are the famous Mickey Beignets. But since I can never pronounce the word “beignet” correctly, I call them donuts and that’s why they’re on this list. These sweet doughy, fluffy and crunchy clouds bring pure joy to your taste buds. They have powdered sugar on top and you can add ice cream and flavored syrup too. They also offer seasonal flavors/toppings but I always go with the classic. Mikey + Donuts = Happiness.

Panaderia y Restaurante El Cafetal

6125 S Semoran Blvd, Orlando, FL 32822

glass display of a variety of donuts
Photo by contributor Frances Mendez

Looking for a traditional low cost, no frills bakery? Look no further because this place sells 6 donut holes for $1! Huge variety of desserts, fresh warm and soft bread and a steam table with lots of food choices. The glazed donut holes are very soft and chewy. Their cream-filled donuts will melt in your mouth. It doesn’t matter if you get sprinkles, oreo or sugar donuts, you will not be disappointed. They get so much foot traffic that they make fresh batches, multiple times per day.

Everglazed Donuts

1504 E Buena Vista Dr, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

two doughtnuts in their boxes.
Photo by contributor Frances Mendez

It’s located inside Disney Springs, and it makes the list because of their seasonal flavors and creativity. They are also very yummy and pretty big. One donut is more than enough, although sometimes I can squeeze in 2. The last time I went, I had the Citrus Dream and the Apple Streusel. Both are seasonal flavors but you can never go wrong with their Icon Donut (blue iced + sprinkles) that is available year-round.

There are so many other amazing doughnut shops around town that I’m sure I missed (like Voodoo Doughnuts and DG Doughnuts, I know!). But I chose these because they don’t get as much love as the popular places, but are just as good dare I say better thank the other ones.

If you know of a place or two, drop the names in the comments so I can check them out. I mean, I won’t eat a doughnut again for a while. Well let’s be honest, I’m probably at a doughnut shop as you read this.

What are your thoughts on results? If you agree, yay! If you disagree, meh, who cares, it wasn’t too scientific. Ha ha. But I’d love to hear what you think either way. Because we’re all just trying to find the best stuff in this amazing town!

And we’re all nuts for doughnuts (or is it donuts?)! Who has YOUR favorite donut?


First published 6/7/2019, Revised April 2024



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