Moms, if you’re like me you’re likely pretty tired of hearing the same kid shows play in the background on repeat while you fold your Sunday laundry pile. If you need to mix things up I highly recommend checking out Snoop Dogg’s YouTube Kids Channel. Yes, the same rapper who taught us about “sippin’ on gin and juice” in the early 90s now has a fabulously entertaining and educational YouTube channel for kids. It’s called Doggyland.

It’s full of hip-hop-inspired kid songs. Snoop Dogg’s character is named Bow Wizzle. He leads a group of colorful puppies through fun educational songs about building good habits and learning preschool basics like the ABCs. The videos are designed to promote diversity and inclusion. Maybe you’ve seen one of the viral videos from the channel. The song is called AffirmationsHonestly, we could all benefit from listening to and reciting these lyrics daily:

“There is no one better to be than myself
Today is going to be an amazing day
My feelings matter
I get better every single day”

What a wonderful and positive message from Snoop Dogg to children everywhere! The Affirmations video alone has had over 5.5 million views since it launched in August 2022. There are dozens of videos and playlists to watch, plus it looks like the creators continue to add new content every week. It’s rare that I find family-friendly music that doesn’t annoy me, but Snoop Dogg and the rest of the team of award-winning producers and singers behind the Doggyland Youtube channel are doing a great job of creating fun, educational, and exciting new family-friendly content!


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