Let Someone Else Wash & Fold Your Laundry + A GIVEAWAY!


I am up to my eyeballs in chores. Laundry, dishes, bathrooms, cooking, more laundry, more dishes, folding, putting away….WILL IT EVERY STOP?! Then, on top of doing all the things, the kids are constantly needing me. Needing me to help figure out a Zoom call, needing me to fix a broken toy, needing me to solve all of their questions.

You’d think that during this time of quarantine we’d have plenty of time to do all the things. You’d think my house would be spotless and there wouldn’t be a sock left unmatched. Well… Turns out pre-quarantine me and quarantine me have the same housekeeping skills.

Turns out pre-quarantine me and quarantine me have the same housekeeping skills.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if we could give one chore away for someone else to do? I’m pretty sure every mama reading this unanimously shouted YES!

We’ve discovered a company who can do just that. Introducing Laundry Care, a nationwide laundry service that services the Greater Orlando area! They specialize in providing affordable, high-quality wash & fold service-with the convenience of free pick-up & delivery. Their laundry experts will ensure your garments are washed, dried, folded and returned EXACTLY AS YOU LIKE.


We’ve teamed up with Laundry Care to bless someone with a $50 gift certificate!

There are SO MANY people who would benefit from this $50 gift card giveaway. New mamas, teachers, essential workers, medical professionals, and YES… even YOU!

New Mamas

COVID or not, new mamas need all the help they can get! Bless a new mama with a gift certificate to help during those difficult first months (or years!) of motherhood!


These last few months have been brutal for our teachers. Not only did they have to completely relearn how to teach using an online platform, but most of them had to then homeschool their own children as well! Bless your child’s teacher with a gift certificate for laundry service and take one chore off of their plate!

Medical Professionals

It goes without saying that medical professionals have carried so much of the load during times of crisis. Help take a load off of them by gifting a well-deserving nurse, doctor, or EMT the gift of someone else doing loads of their laundry!


It’s not selfish to accept the giveaway for yourself. If you’re anything like me, you’re ready to throw in the towel and let the family know that mom is off duty. I’m not proud to admit this, but I’ve had some pretty ugly mom moments these last few months. I’ve had to retreat to my bedroom and collapse on a bed full of unfolded laundry. Wouldn’t it be dreamy if the bed was empty because all of the laundry was folded (by someone else!) and you didn’t have to worry at all about the neverending pile?!

So how does Laundry Care work?

So now that we all agree that everyone NEEDS Laundry Care, how does it work?

SIGN-UP: Confirm your pickup address and create your account. Honestly it’s as easy as ordering a pizza.

SCHEDULE: Make an order and choose a day/time for your pickup & delivery. You can even choose larger items like comforters and pillows that are always difficult to wash yourself.

PICK-UP: Package your dirty laundry in 13 gal size trash bags and give to our driver. Laundry Care is doing no-contact pickups & deliveries.

DELIVERY: Receive your freshly clean and folded laundry same day, next day or two days. Pick-up and delivery are always FREE. They can even arrange to come by while you’re out.


We are conducting a $50 gift card giveaway on our Facebook page. Hop on over to enter. It’s easy and simple to enter!

However if you aren’t the lucky winner, you can still get 25% off all orders with code CLEAN25. Or, if you’d like to purchase a gift card for that special someone, here’s a link for gift cards!

COVID Safety

Laundry Care is doing no-contact pickups & deliveries. For more info on our no-contact deliveries and cleaning procedures ***click here***


  1. LEAST FAVORITE part of laundry…. My washing machine is a front-loader, and it ALWAYS gets unbalanced, especially with towels! They take FOREVER to finish! I’d love this service, especially for towels and blankets!

  2. Laundry is probably my least favorite thing to do (mostly because my washer and dryer are in the garage 🥵). This sounds like an amazing service!

  3. I have a 6 month old baby who is a happy spitter so I’ve been doing multiple loads a day for months now! But the worst part is folding and putting away! Currently have 3 loads to fold and put away!


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