Lice Prevention Tips – Because We Have Other Things To Worry About

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This school year is full of uncertainty and stressors with the ongoing COVID pandemic, continued at-home learning and the unknowns of the Delta variant. That said, the last thing any parent wants to be dealing with during school time is LICE. Here are some Lice Prevention Tips – because we have other things to worry about! 

lice preventionHead lice are tiny little bugs that take up residence on the human scalp, most often of children. Having an infestation of head lice doesn’t mean you have poor hygiene; in fact, they don’t discriminate against clean or dirty hair. Head lice are transferred from one person to the other by direct contact from the hair. When kids play sports, share helmets, or give each other hugs, this is an opportunity for head lice to spread. 

lice prevention

While the best way to prevent head lice is to avoid close contact, that is easier said than done. The below outlined tips by Risa Barash, CEO and co-founder of Fairy Tales Hair Care will help kids learn ways to prevent the spread of head lice this school season.

Lice Prevention Tips – Because We Have Other Things To Worry About:

  • Try an Up-do!

Braids and ponytails are the perfect double duty hairstyle that will help keep hair out of your kids’ face, look stylish and also help prevent the spread of lice.

  • Sharing Isn’t Always Caring!

Though it may seem counterintuitive to now have to teach your child NOT to share after so many years of the opposite. It’s important to remind kids that sharing personal items like a comb, brush, hats, scarves, ear buds, hair accessories and sporting helmets can all provide an opportunity for head lice to transfer to other children – even between siblings.

  • Teaching Your Kids Prevention

On that same note, even hanging your child’s coat next to another’s that may give lice an opportunity to transfer. Teach your kids ways to prevent the spread of head lice including: 

    • Avoid head-to-head contact – recess, P.E. and team sports that have close contact should be avoided
    • Avoid shared spaces – cubbies and lockers are an opportunity for lice to transfer from one personal item to another
    • Refer back to the student health checklist to ensure you and your children are doing their part in preventing the spread of head lice

lice preventionTaking measures to prevent kids head lice is important. A simple up-do to keep hair confined and teaching your kids to separate their belongings are easy ways to do your part. Your next line of defense is by using Fairy Tales Hair Care’s Rosemary Repel daily lice prevention products before your kids head out the door. The natural herbs and plant extracts provide a barrier against head lice while locking in their favorite hairstyle. Arm your kids with the best in head lice prevention and order your Fairy Tales lice prevention line today!

Lice Prevention Tips


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