Making Life Changes – Not Resolutions


A New Year = New Year resolutions that I might not keep (at least not on a consistent basis). Frankly they’re always the same resolutions: eat healthy, exercise more, travel more, more time for me…

I do try to eat healthy, but chaos and crazy schedules happen so I end up eating whatever I can get my hands on. I intend to exercise and for the most part if I can’t get to the gym, I go out for a quick run. Traveling for us means getting out to the beach for a long weekend or traveling to see family. We don’t get to go on real vacations because people always seem to visit us for theirs. More time for me usually means going out to Target on my own and that makes me perfectly happy.  

I realized I’m missing very simple things in my life. So this year, yes…I’ll be making those same resolutions, but I’m also making a different type of change. 

  1. More date nights with my guy. We get so consumed with the kids that we forget about focusing on our relationship which is so important.
  2. I want to stop being a helicopter mom! I’m so incredibly guilty of this and my daughter is only 4! Imagine how bad I’ll be when she’s a tween if I continue this way? I feel like because I waited so long to have her, I need to protect her every minute.
  3. Accept that my house will be messy and be OK with it. This is something my sister pointed out when I was telling her I try to organize but when I focus on one end of the room, my daughter manages to mess up the other end of the room. My home will never look the way it did before children and I’m counting that as a blessing.
  4. I want to continue down the path of being a better person. Years ago I started forgiving those who have hurt me and prayed that I’d be forgiven for those I’ve hurt. From one day to the next my life started changing. I want to be open to accept new people in my life, be humble and more grateful for the blessings that surround me. I trust that I’m right where I’m supposed to be in life and that’s an incredible feeling.

Bring it on 2017!


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