If you can’t calm down a naughty kid, you can read him a book or sing a song. You’d be surprised, but today’s mom apps can do it for you. They can teach your baby to distinguish colors, numbers, or help track his location. Are you tired and want to download electronic assistants? Then let’s look at the best apps for cool and advanced moms!


Raising a child, it is very important to remember all the important moments of his life – watching him grow, learn the world, make new discoveries. But you should not rely only on your memory. It is best to install apps on your smartphone. They will help you remember the exact time when the baby took the first step, said the first word, how he grew up and gained weight…

Baby Care

The Baby Care app will help you keep a complete diary of each stage of your baby’s development. The exact time your baby was eating, sleeping, changing his diaper, brushing his teeth, getting vaccinated, etc. Everything about your child’s life and health is included in the application. The program will also remind you of the need for a scheduled appointment or vaccination time.

In addition, the functionality of the application supports the ability to upload photos of the child, recording his voice. In general, the program is a great way to capture all the memorable events in a child’s life.

Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is an extremely convenient accessory. While the baby is asleep, Mom can mind her own business. But if the baby wakes up and cries, the device will immediately report it. The price of such a gadget is quite high, and not always young parents can afford to buy it. At the same time, everyone has smartphones today. Why not assign this function to a smart device? Especially since you just need to install the appropriate application.


This application will successfully perform the baby monitor function. Setting up the program is very easy – anyone can use it. In the settings, you just need to specify the phone number with which the application should work. After that, the device can be left in a room with a sleeping baby.

When the baby wakes up and cries, the number specified in the program will be called. The feedback option is also supported – a call can be made to a smartphone with the program installed, the application will answer the incoming call and the child will hear a familiar voice.


Games are the most important element of a child’s development. In any case, your child will show interest in the smartphone. And it is better if you draw his attention to developing, useful for motor skills games. Let’s focus on two such applications.

My baby: Piano

The app is an electronic piano. After starting the program, colorful keys appear on the smartphone display. There are two game modes – drum or piano. The program contains several simple melodies.

Amazing Baby

By installing the app, you can captivate your child with an interesting educational game at any time. The program contains games that can be used while walking on the street, swimming, and during the holidays. A total of 17 different development games are available for your child.

The application allows you to share your child’s achievements and photos on Facebook.

Social networks for young moms

What other apps for moms can be installed on a smartphone? Of course, something that will help you find new acquaintances with women who have the same interests and questions. We suggest paying attention to specialized social networks, where pregnant women and mothers (who have already given birth) can communicate on topics that concern them.

Mommy Nearest

In addition to the social network for parents, this app contains recommendations and tips on what places to visit with your child. The database contains references to more than 70,000 food points, playgrounds and shopping malls, cinemas and other places where you can relax with your young child.

The list of facilities is constantly updated by users themselves. Opening new convenient and interesting places for walks, you can also add them to the base, thereby expanding it. Leave your impressions and recommendations, share advice – the most active parents get the title of expert.

In conclusion…

We’ve outlined a few apps that will help young moms make life a little easier and allocate their time more efficiently. But even modern technologies are not yet able to replace the child with the warmth, affection and care that gives him the most native and close person. But the easiest, at first glance, application for your smartphone can help you to solve many everyday problems.



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