We all know that Disney is a magical place to experience, but it’s equally enchanting to look back at your photos from your Disney adventures and relive your time at the most magical place on earth!

Castle shots are great, don’t get me wrong, but the lighting can be intense and the crowds around you may make for a less than ideal family photo. The answer to these problems… Disney Wall photo spots!

Disney Wall Photo Spots

Disney Wall photo spots make for a great addition to your Disney family camera roll. One of the best things about these picture perfect locations across property is the fact that you and your family will be the stars of the shot since the wall is the only thing behind you. No need to worry about the tourist with the vibrant neon shirt walking directly behind you and your family’s posed photo on Main Street. Another perk to these photo spots is that the lighting in most of these specific locations make for some naturally beautiful photos.

In this post, I’m sharing our favorite photo walls at all four parks and where you can find them.

Fun tip for parents – I find that I get the best pictures of my toddler when I don’t pose her but capture the natural joy of what she’s feeling by being in the parks. These walls allow kids and adults alike to be themselves in an environment where they can take their time to enjoy the moment and where they aren’t on sensory overload (unlike most of the posed park icon shots). 

Magic Kingdom

You may have seen friends sharing pictures with a purple background while donning Minnie ears and eating a Mickey bar from their Disney trip. The Tomorrowland Purple Wall is where this original iconic wall pic took place. Who knew purple was such an incredibly flattering backdrop color for everyone! This wall is pretty popular, it even has a line of merchandise developed around it. (Same with a few of the Epcot walls, but we’ll get to that park next).

The Purple Wall

There are two parts to the Purple Wall. There’s the OG solid Purple Wall, and a little further down there’s a more modern take on it called the Galactic Purple Wall. They’re located on the walkway between Tomorrowland Terrace and Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor.

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The Blue Wall

The Blue Wall is also located in Tomorrowland. It’s outside on the right when you exit the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin gift shop. This solid blue wall is such a beautiful hue, it looks great with just about any outfit.


The Candy Stripe Wall

One of my favorite lesser-known walls is the Candy Stripe Wall. This sweet…pun intended… and soft toned wall is located at the Main Street exit of the Confectionary across from the Emporium. TIP – when you take photos at this wall, bring your patience because it can be very busy. Most of the walls are tucked away, but this one is in the center of the action on Main Street. On the flip side, you don’t have to go too far out of your way to get to this wall.


If you’re looking for the park with the most bang for your buck when it comes to sheer amount of Disney walls, this is it! There’s a grand total of seven photo walls at Epcot, and I’m sure there are many more to come with the current expansion in progress.


The Bubblegum & Blueberry Walls

This first wall is actually another two-parter and it’s beautiful! A whole line of merch was created for the Bubblegum Wall as well! When you’re entering the park from the main gate, this wall is located on the left side exit of Spaceship Earth across from Guest Relations and Electric Umbrella. The Bubble Gum wall is adorable and makes for some really cute pictures! I recommend coming to this area when the sun isn’t too harsh. Usually first thing in the morning is great. About three steps in front of the Bubblegum Wall is the Blueberry Wall, so if you can only hit one photo wall stop at Epcot, this two for one deal is the best!


The Galaxy Wall

Our next stop you’ll actually need to hurry to enjoy before the Guardians of the Galaxy ride opens, since this popular wall is actually surrounding the entire park-facing construction zone of the new attraction. The Galaxy Wall is so dreamy and picturesque. It basically is like you’re taking a picture behind your very own life-size Mac desktop background. TIP – We love bringing a picnic blanket and having a little snack in the grassy area by this photo spot. It’s really peaceful and the monorail goes right above it, so it’s easy to keep the kiddos entertained. 


The Rose Gold Wall

As you continue your Epcot journey, make sure to stop at the Mission Space outdoor pre-queue area. You can find the Rose Gold Wall there. With its amazingly soft natural light, it was a huge winner in our book.

The Morocco Wall

In World Showcase there’s one insanely gorgeous wall (well really pavilion in general) for photos, and it’s Morocco. Seriously this pavilion is stunning! The Morocco Wall is located on the left once you enter the main archway. TIP – if you arrive at Epcot early, I highly recommend exploring World Showcase with your toddler right when it opens so they can roam and explore before the crowds arrive. Morocco is so much fun to get lost in, and the photos you can take during that adventure tend to turn out nicely! 


The Mosaic Wall

When you exit World Showcase and head towards Future World, you’ll want to stop at the Land Pavilion entrance and take some pictures at the Mosaic Wall that surrounds the main walkway. With its warm tones and pops of color, it really is a great spot to take photos with any amount of family members in your party.


The Toothpaste Wall

Last but not least, the Toothpaste Wall is the last stop on the Epcot grand tour. Its located in the outside queue of The Seas with Nemo and Friends right before you enter the building. I have to warn you, the lighting can be somewhat harsh at different times of day but it’s worth giving it a try since after all, there’s a ride at the end of this photo op.

Hollywood Studios 

With the relatively new additions of Toy Story Land, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and the Incredibles area, we now have six new walls at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

The Tatooine Traders Wall

I’ll start with the only OG wall at the Studios on this list. The Tatooine Traders Wall is located directly outside of the shop with the same name. You’ll find these earthy walls ready for some killer photos to be taken in front of them.


The Incredibles Walls
Traveling towards Toy Story Land, you’ll come across the Incredibles Walls. This grouping of walls can be found where the Toy Story Mania entrance used to be before the new land opened. These adorable primed-for-Instagram backdrops tend to have Photopass photographers stationed by them which makes them unique. My favorite has to be the Jack-Jack Wall for obvious reasons…

The Checkerboard Wall & Popsicle Wall

In Toy Story Land, there are two walls right across from each other. The Checkerboard Wall and the Popsicle Wall can be found if you follow the Toy Story Mania exit path behind the Pixar ball. You’ll see these walls right before you enter the building.

TIP – There’s a new Popsicle wall that’s even easier to get to. It’s located to the left of the entrance of the Alien Swirling Saucers ride. 


The Resistance Wall

You know I had to save Batuu for last… The Resistance Wall is the newest kid on the block when it comes to Disney Walls. If you’re traveling to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge from Toy Story Land, it will be on the far right hand side after you exit the Batuu Market Place. It’s such a perfectly quiet area with a massive themed backdrop wall. I mean you could have a serious family reunion photoshoot here with the amount of people who could stand in front.

Animal Kingdom 

When it comes to natural, earthy and detailed walls, Animal Kingdom knows how to do it!

There are two key areas in Animal Kingdom for wall shots, Pandora and Harambe Village Market. In Pandora, the famous Moss Wall has such a unique look. Once you exit the Flights of Passage gift shop, the wall can be found at the seating area on your right. Plus, this is a great spot to sit and relax after a long day.

The Moss Wall


The Fichwa Fellow Wall

In Harambe Village Market, you can find the last four walls in our list. The Fichwa Fellow Wall is located just outside of the market’s entrance. I mean you can’t not stop and take a picture of the Big Cheese in this unique artist rendition.


The Harambe Village Market Bicycle Wall

Directly across from the Fichwa Fellow Wall is the Harambe Village Market Bicycle Wall. This wall has some funky distressed flyers that look like they’ve been there forever.


The Grunge Wall

If you keep walking a few steps closer to the exit for Kilimanjaro Safari, you’ll see what I like to call the Grunge Wall. This area has some of the coolest colors on property and make for some incredible shots. Although this isn’t an officially named wall, it is definitely worth taking pictures in front of this Disney Photo wall spot.


The You Are Most Beautiful Wall

The final wall may just be the sweetest of all. Once inside Harambe Village Market, if you follow the vendors on the left, you’ll see a little alleyway with writing at the end. This is the You Are Most Beautiful Wall. We all could use a little Disney empowerment now and then, so this wall fits the bill.

Although not every wall has an official name, there are so many more spaces to explore! I’d love to hear about the unique primed-for-instagram photo walls you’ve found at Disney in the comments section below.

I hope this list helps add some new and unique stops finding Disney Wall photo spots for your family photo album! They’re totally worth the visit!

Guest Blogger – Amanda Batts

Creator of Tiny Themes Blog. I’m bringing what I’ve learned from working at Walt Disney World for seven years along with what I’ve experienced as a mom taking my toddler to the parks, to help make your family’s Disney experience the best it can possibly be! Follow me at @bibbidibobbidibatts on Instagram and at www.TinyThemesBlog.com


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