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Must Haves for Kids of ALL Ages!

As a first time parent, it’s hard to know what we “must have” for our baby and kids. With experience (and trial and error) we usually figure it out….but then add in “life” and sometimes we just need suggestions!

We polled our audience for their “baby and kid must haves” and here is what they said!

These “baby and kid must haves” range in ages from baby to teen and are great necessities and activities to keep them busy, engaged and learning along the way!

With summer coming, even if you have an awesome summer bucket list or are planning to go to summer camp, having some of these products or activities on hand would make the long summer days more interesting and for the older kids, definitely less “mom I’m bored!”

Baby Must Haves (0 - 2 years old)

Teething Necklace

Amber contains Succinic Acid, known as a remedy against inflammations, drooling and teething .

Carrier Sling

Keep newborn babies, preemies and infants close while you go about your day. Baby K’tan’s unique baby wrap design also supports your best position for easy breastfeeding on the go.


Deep seating surface and elevated leg openings of this baby floor seat gently recline the baby toward the center of the rounded backrest.

Lulla Doll

The Lulla doll imitates closeness to a caregiver at rest by playing soothing sounds of a real-life heartbeat and breathing for 12 hours, giving the feeling that someone is sleeping nearby when their caregiver can’t. The fabric of the doll can absorb scent from caregivers if they keep it close to their skin before giving it to their child for added feeling of comfort and security.

PediPed Shoes

female founded brands
pediped® footwear is a smart choice for parents concerned with the long-term development of their children’s feet. pediped has been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance for creating shoes that promote healthy foot development.

Ojala Threads Onesis

female founded brands

MEMEENO Belly Bands

Yipes Wipes

Yipes! kids wipes effectively clean hands and faces. As parents, we created Yipes! Wipes to encourage kids to develop independent, healthy habits. Each individual wipe is easy for kids to open on their own.Yipes! Wipes are made wit h 99% plant-derived ingredients and 98% water, plus they are hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested. Formulated without parabens, phthalates and petrolatum.

Knee Pad Pants

Those first wobbly baby and toddler steps are actually some of the most impressive things you’ll ever witness as a parent. The wobbling won’t last forever, and you won’t be able to protect them from everything. That’s right, you’ll have to let some bumps and bruises happen, but if you want to lessen the amount you might consider purchasing our baby protective pants.

NUK Pacifier

Nuk pacifiers are shaped and sized for newborns with a breast-like nipple shape that naturally fits baby’s palate. NUK orthodontic nipple shape helps promote healthy oral development and is made from 100% medical-grade silicone with a heart-shaped shield that fits perfectly under baby’s nose for breathing.

Evenflo Bottles

Evenflo Feeding is a parent-led organization on a mission to ensure better care for every baby by providing families with quality, innovative products, at a price that does not break the bank. We are here to make feeding available and accessible to all, regardless of wealth or status or community, because we are…Every Baby’s Advocate & Every Parent’s Ally™.

Soft Books

Babies love these early learning toys. There are crinkle paper and bibi sounder hiding in the pages, which encourage baby to explore and gives baby endless hours of fun. The bright colors and contrast background will attract baby’s attention. Black and white patterns also help babies to develop their ability to focus their attention and concentration. Reflection mirror allows baby to focus on human face.

Micuna OVO high chair

With one of the most innovative designs ever seen, the Micuna Ovo Max Luxe High Chair is a beautiful, lasting addition to your home that your child will use for years to come. Featuring a round tray, footrest and faux leather straps, your little one will have a chic and elegant place to sit for mealtime. As they grow, you can effortlessly convert this piece from a high chair to an elegant desk chair by removing the feet and each high chair piece.

Little Kid Must Haves (3-5 years old)

Building Blocks

Preschool building fun for children aged 18 months+. With toddler-friendly shapes and a colorful assortment of pieces combine to create familiar objects, such as a rocket, star, cake, unicorn, giraffe and a bear, and inspire endless free-building fun. Give preschoolers an introduction to creative construction with this fun mix of colorful bricks and building suggestions.

Magna Tiles

3D magnetic building sets engage young minds by fusing together with math, science, geometrical shapes, architectural design and clear colors to develop their creativity, imagination. Magnetic tiles with two cars are perfect presents for preschool and school age children.

Play Kitchen

Little ones will enjoy a pretend sink and stove & oven, plus details such as windows, a chalkboard, and cabinet with knobs that click. this fun set is durably crafted with wood and metal accessories, so children can play like a master chef for years to come

Chalk Board

3-IN-1 CRAZART EASEL has 3 options for hours of creative fun: one side has a large wipe-off dry erase surface, the other side has a chalkboard surface; for painting and drawing fun, 2 sturdy easel clips are included to attach paper to either side this kids’ wooden easel

Finger Paint

These toddler finger paints are non-toxic (no asbestos, lead or phthalates) and are washable. Kids can freely explore the color perception and stimulate the painting creativity when painting and coloring.

Literati Sprout

Literati Sprout offers a full week to explore five books per shipment with free and easy returns. Exclusive artwork by world-famous illustrators and personalized surprises.

Water Table

Rain shower effect from the treetop canopy makes realistic rainfall sounds and the large footprint lets several kids play together, encouraging social and sharing skills. Molded-in rainforest detail and jungle-themed critter toys spark kids’ imaginations, taking water play to a new level of splish-splash fun! Non-leak drain plug keeps water in the basin during play and allows for easy drainage when playtime fun is done. Easy clean up too!

Bento Box

Flex & Lock gives parents the confidence to pack meals in a safe way, while making things fun for children, with accessories to decorate and personalize their boxes.

Sensory Kits

Montessori Toys are made of high-quality natural wood, and all items edges are sanded smooth so your toddlers can play it safe. This sensory bin includes 11 Sensory Toys, including a wooden sensory box for storing and playing, a brush for treasure hunting, a shovel for tidying up and paving,a spoon match the container and other useful objects.

Little Kid Must Haves (5-8 years old)


Kids will spend hours engaging in pretend play with this medium-sized building kit. This build your own play toy allows kids to create toy trains or tiger figurines with this classic collection of LEGO bricks in 35 different colors.

Fort Building Kit

Creative connect system-easy to build, easy to disassemble, and won’t fall apart. Each Creative Fort building kit comes with 30 magic balls, 64 long rods and 20 extend connectors, 120 pieces total. Simply insert the rods into the balls, builder connects in a few seconds. Best of all, it’s light but sturdy, supports sheets well. A handy step-by-step guide shows you how to build.


Yvolution is the original flicker company that has become the standard by which all self-propelled scooters are measured. The Flicker A1 is our iconic scooter designed for drifting, carving, and freestyle riding! On the Y Fliker A1 they move their weight from side to side (without ever putting their feet on the ground to speed up and the frame propels them forward. This wiggle scooter is ideal for smooth drifting and freestyle carving! The more they move the faster they go and can instantly blast up their speed.

Rock Painting Kit

A fun and educational gift for all ages. It fascinates children as soon as they pull it out of the box and is a perfect s.t.e.a.m. project. The assembly is fun, and the final result is immensely satisfying.


Help your child learn about different colors, teach them about numbers and reading. Matching games keep their minds sharp while having fun. 

Play Doh

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Kinetic Sand

A great addition to your child’s sensory bin, this sensory sand is 98% sand & 2% magic! Pull it, shape it & mold it to create incredible sand art. Kinetic Sand sticks to itself & not to kids so it can be easily cleaned up & stored! Made with larger grains of natural sand, this magic sand flows through fingers like real beach sand and leaves them completely dry.


United States Puzzle for Kids set is an entertaining educational activity for kids to help stimulate and challenge their minds, and aid in development as they play and learn. A handy play set that promotes problem solving and memorization skills.

Sidewalk Chalk

Great art starts with great colors. Our 32-piece set of sidewalk chalk has a beautiful variety of colors that are bold and bright. Bring your chalk drawings to life with 4 glitter chalks that sparkle.

Big Kid Must Haves (9-13 years old)

You-ology: A Puberty Guide for Every Body Book

From the most trusted name in child health, American Academy of Pediatrics, comes a new, inclusive approach learning about puberty!
The book is best suited for kids ages 9-13, grade level 4-8 and their parents.

Owl Crate Jr.

Our Middle-Grade box for readers aged 8-12.

Monthly Box Includes:
  • Brand new middle grade hardcover novel
  • Exclusive letter and signed book or bookplate from the author
  • An activity, game or second book
  • Additional goodies related to our theme of the month
  • Collectible monthly sticker and magazine


Know Yourself: Human Anatomy Books

Learning about the human body for kids should be exciting! The best way to teach little learners all about the human body is with the Know Yourself children’s anatomy book series, which provide age-appropriate, awesome, and funny educational materials. These books are best suited for kids ages 8 and up!

Charging Pad

Instantly charge your phone or earbuds simply by placing them in the center of PowerWave Pad. Never fuss around with plugging and unplugging cables again, just set down and power up.


Bento Box

Omie has introduced the OmieGO, a new plant based modular bento box that stacks & locks so lunch is elegant and mess-free.


·      Stack & Lock Mechanism

·      Plant Based and Sustainably Made

·      Dishwasher, Freezer, and Microwave Safe

·      BPA Free and Phthalate-free


Immerse your older child in the exciting world of legos! Harder building sets for older kids! So many options!


  • Active Noise Cancellation blocks outside noise, so you can immerse yourself in music
  • Transparency mode for hearing and interacting with the world around you
  • Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking places sound all around you
  • Adaptive EQ automatically tunes music to your ears
  • Three sizes of soft, tapered silicone tips for a customizable fit
  • Force sensor lets you easily control your entertainment, answer or end calls, and more
  • Sweat and water resistant

Rubix Cube

The book is best suited for kids ages 9-13, grade level 4-8 and their parents.


400mm(f/5.7) focal length and 70mm aperture, fully coated optics glass lens with high transmission coatings creates stunning images and protect your eyes. Perfect telescope for astronomers to explore stars and moon.

Sports Equipment

Active kids always need sports gear! From cleats to gloves and everything in between!

Must Haves for EVERY Kid


COMBO KITS COVERS CHILDREN AND ADULTS: Keep one at home and take the travel kit with you on the road. Home Kit includes One LifeVac suction device with Patented One-way Valve, One Pediatric Mask, One Adult Mask, Once Practice Mask, and One Set of Instructions for using the LifeVac. Travel Kit includes One LifeVac suction device with Patented One-way Valve, One Pediatric Mask, One Adult Mask, and One Set of Instructions for using the LifeVac, included in a Durable Travel Bag.


Our Starter Label Pack is an ideal introduction to a mixed variety of our kids labels in one cost-effective label value pack. This collection of durable, waterproof labels is ideal for getting your kids organized for daycare, school or any other activity and has a label for every kind of item. Use it alone or to complement our other label combo packs.

GoSili Products

female founded brands

GoSili designs and manufactures silicone tableware products for the whole family.  The excessive use and waste of disposable paper and plastic inspired the GoSili founders to create a modern line incorporating all the practical benefits that silicone has to offer.  GoSili is the parent company of the award-winning children’s silicone products brand Silikids.  GoSili products make the basics better by bringing an alternative to plastic, bridging the gap between great design and affordability while improving the way we live! A win-win for all!

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