Orlando Mom Book Club: Book of the Month for December 2022


December’s Book of the Month is The Rewind by Allison Winn Scotch!

December 2022 Book of the Month: The Rewind by Allison Winn Scotch
December 2022 Book of the Month: The Rewind by Allison Winn Scotch

Book Summary:

Ezra and Frankie broke up a decade ago and have not spoken to each other since that day. They are brought back together by the 1999 New Year’s Eve wedding of mutual friends on their beautiful college campus. Ezra is on the brink of proposing to his girlfriend, Mimi, at midnight of NYE. Mimi has agreed to attend the wedding so that she can meet his college friends which feels like a big deal to Ezra because she is finally doing something he wants to do. Frankie agreed to be a bridesmaid and wants nothing to do with Ezra or his girlfriend and plans to avoid them at all costs. But when Ezra and Frankie wake up together the morning of the wedding in bed (!), in his college dorm room(!!), with wedding rings on (!!!!), they set out on an adventure to put together what happened last night and stumble into a day full of nostalgia as they retrace their steps. Their breakup left them both broken hearted and determined to forget each other, but as the day unfolds they both begin to wonder if it could have gone differently and where they would have been today.

Are Ezra and Frankie married? What happened last night? Where is Mimi? What actually happened when Ezra and Frankie broke up a decade ago? Do they have a future? Are they destined to be together? Get ready to feel all the 90’s vibes from this book and remember the worry of Y2K.

Book Pacing Guide:

December 4 – 9: Chapters 1 – 9

December 10 – 15: Chapters 10 – 19

December 16 – 21: Chapters 20 – 31

December 22 – 28: Chapters 32 – Epilogue

Discussion on our book Club Facebook page starting December 29th, with any in person discussion to be announced at a later date!

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